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The one thing I disagree with Ryan Grady about, is the office. He runs his business through his house which is unprofessional.

The walls are bare, the carpet is well worn almost to inexistence and overall the room has a very cold feeling, in addition to being physically cold, I don't think I once took off my jacket. Not a very comfortable setting for someone feeling very vulnerable. Ryan Grady is judgmental, manipulative, and often misunderstands things. I feel that he tried to create problems to fix, when in fact, there simply may not have been a problem.

For example, I was sick with bronchitus, and had all ready told him this. He proceeded to tell me I sounded sad. The normal response would have been, "feel better." He says things that make you tilt your head and say..."what?"

I did go in to have a last session in which his husband walks in and says "how's my twinkie" and he referred to him as his bear and chicken queen. I told him how poorly he made me feel and I think he handled things wrong.

It did not seem to me that he took much responsibility for how he behaved or what he had said. Instead, he seemed to manipulate things I had previous said to ration to herself that he is a professional who, with a few years under her belt, knows what he is doing.

I have been to 2 therapists before and had fantastic, long relationships with those individuals. I am not looking for the "perfect person" as I know this person does not exist, I am simply looking for someone who is sensitive, professional, and can handle their job at the bare minimum.

In the future, I do my best to seek professional help from someone who is not crazy themselves. Ryan Grady is crazy and talked more about himself that I would have liked to hear.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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