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On May. 28, 2022 I purchased a 6x10 utility trailer($2450) online from the Runnings store in Lockport, NY .

It was a surprise gift for my husband . No issues with the online order. I received a phone call from customer service later that night and was informed that the trailer needs inspection and will be ready for pickup at the store on Tuesday (5-31.) ok great i will pick it up after work. I had my husband meet me at the store on Tuesday, 3:45 p.m.

to surprise him. We live approximately 20 minutes from the location. We go to customer service desk and tell the clerk we were there to pick up the utility trailer. The girl said the trailer was sitting at Pep Boys and couldnt get inspected because there computer crashed because of the 2 hour power outage.

My husband asks, power outage ? The clerk says yes for 2 hours. I asked why didnt someone call us and say the utility trailer wouldnt be ready for pick up. We wouldnt of drove out here The girl gives me a *** look , shrugs her shoulders and says I dont know what a great surprise for my husband.Not!

We left our information and will be back tomorrow. I had a DMV appointment scheduled for Wednesday to get trailer registered. Cancel appointment and reschedule for Thursday. So Wednesday afternoon i call the store for a update.

Customer service says its at pep boys. I call Pep boys and spoke to someone and was told that there was a broken taillight that had to be fixed and that they still COULDNT inspect it yet because computer system was still down. Pep boys was going to fix the broken taillight. Runnings would have to take it somewhere else to get the inspection done.

I was like okay thanks for telling me this because no one from RUNNINGS INFORMED ME OF THIS . The store closes at 9:00 ,so around 7:30 p.m i again call the store for a update. Spoke to a very nice girl who informed me that the trailer was inspected and could be picked up in the morning after the manager gets there and finishes the paperwork. I asked the girl WHY HASNT anyone taken the time to call me and keep me informed on what was happening with this utility trailer.

She stated she left a note for the other customer service girl to call . but .. no one did. She said stop in the store around 8:00-8:30 , the manager gets there at 7:30 and all he needs to do is finish the paperwork.

Ok fine. Appointment at DMV was for 9:45 husband should have time to get to DMV to get it registered.

Thursday morning my husband stops in to get the trailer At around 8:15. Customer service girl (same girl) from previous day says ok Ill let the manager know your here. Husband says ok.

Gives her his cell number, hes going to walk around for a bit. At 9:00 my husband is still waiting pacing around the store now for 45 minutes. He approaches the girl and asks if the manager had paperwork ready. The girl says i dont know..

he has other trailers to do too. We purchased this on Friday, now its Thursday of following week.

She tells my husband she will find him and tell the manager my husband is still waiting. My husband asked the girl if the paperwork would be ready before his appointment at DMV at 9:45 . (Its 9:00) the customer service girl says yes.Its now going past 9:45 and my husband goes back to the desk.

Again asks , is the manager ready with paperwork. I just missed my appointment. The girls tells him i dont know and points over to hardware department and tells my husband to check over there. My husband walks around the aisles looking for a manager??

He sees this guy scanning items in the aisle. My husband approaches him and asks him about a utility trailer. The manager tells my husband that he was unaware that my husband has been waiting for him (2 hours ) That no one told him. My husband now has missed the SECOND DMV appointment.

Took the manager 10 minutes to do paperwork. NO COMMUNICATION WITH DEPARTMENTS OR THE CUSTOMER

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Lockport, New York

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