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I Ordered ROM-213094** - **309419 - Romik RB2 Black Running Boards for $500.50 for my 2018 jeep grand Cherokee, turns out they dont fit. Called the company and they tell me to take pictures and email them.

spoke to a guy named Sloan Lawrence. the next day i call Mr Sloan again and he sees the pics and say your right they dont look like they fit so he say he must notify the manufacturer Romik because apparently they screwed up!. 1 hour later i get a call from a guy from the manufacturer which i never dealt with tell me that if i installed them i cant get credit and they wont accept the return.

I tell him how the *** can i tell they dont fit my car if i dont try it on, he then tells me well im letting you know they wont take it back and issue the refund, i then hang up and call the guy Sloan at the running board warehouse to ask him why this guy from romik called me and said what he said, he says wow hes not supposed to do that i ask him how he got my info if i dealt with your company direct and paid you guys my money, he then says *** see what he can do. now i get an email from the running board warehouse with a return fed ex label so i can send it back to the Romik Manufacturer the people who said that they are not issuing a credit or refund, So im not an idiot i can see the screw job coming, so i tell everyone beware this company only wants your money and if all gos well with your item OK, but if you have a problem like them giving you the wrong item, get the grease ready!!!

look at the photos you can see the bolts and the ends are on my moldings where when the vehicle moves it will probably dig into the moldings and the quality is not good, so if you read this dont make the same mistake i did and i will be posting this on more sites and will make a youtube video so i hopr it was worth it ripping me off running board warehouse.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I have these boards installed on my Summit and before buying for the runningboard warehouse I went to the Romik website to read the reviews and comments. It clearly says GAP between the body and boards.

Dude do your homework before trashing people and companies online. Before installing I read the instructions and it says installed items cannot be returned. Romik shows pictures of the products on a real vehicle and you can see the gap. You f'd up!

typical lazy response wanting to blame someone else when you should have done your homework. look at your pictures its impossible to avoid the gap, get a welder and metal and make your own lets see how they come out


Romik sucks!!!!!!! One sided return policy in their favor.

As you posted one cannot tell if the running boards fit unless installed.

Then this voids return. Stay away from these shysters.

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Dude your'e an idiot, everyone knows that if you install auto parts you can't return them. Learn how to read return policies before you buy.

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