I keep getting the runaround about money from Jason Cobb . He hired me at 800 hundred a week.

I work 7 days my water pump went out . i couldnt get a bus there I miss 3days they let me go - I warned Mr Cobb my paperwork was not finished. He said will get to it. Well everyone got paid but me it was only after I call corporate that he he wrote me a check for $721 - I called him ask him whats that he said I just went off your hours .

Im salary half the time I didnt clock. So I asked whats with the games . Mr Cobb owes me $1120 but wrote me a check $721 dollars Im furious. I told him to view the cameras.

Hes a flaky dude. I need my full check.

Location: Akron, Ohio

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So you're saying you were a bad hire and wasted their time?

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That is not relevant. The law is they be paid.

Contact the your state's labor commission. Ignore the previous fool boomer comment.

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