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Recently I applied for an auto loan through a bank online and received an email almost immediately from a company called Road Loans. The information I supplied online had been approved for financing me for an auto loan to buy the car or truck that I wanted. The email went on to say that I would receive an envelope to be Fed-X’d within the next day or so with all the required paper work and a blank check. Two days later the envelope was left on our doorstep. After opening and reading all of the information and requirements I was spell bound by the fact that there was a blank check to cover a minimum purchase of not less than $7500.00 and not to exceed $13000.00. It was almost too good and too easy to be true. With that thought in mind, I put the package on my desk and it laid there for two weeks. I noticed that as I would check my email each day there was always an email from Road Loans encouraging me to act now as I needed to hurry and get to a dealership and purchase a vehicle as this was a time-sensitive offer. On March 1 we took our truck and paper work to a dealership and picked out a vehicle. The dealer gave us a good trade-in value for ours; the paper work was signed with them for Road Loans to finance and we did indeed purchase ourselves a new small truck. The next day we picked it up and went home. Three days later I was leaving my job and I get a phone call from a lady with Road Loans. She asked if I had just changed my job? I told her yes, that it was all on my application. (My new job start date was never implied to be a problem. Nothing to worry about…) She said she was looking at my application and all was well except for my job change and because of that they were not going to approve the loan. So, after being pre-approved by Road Loans and being sent a blank check by Road Loans and pushed to hurry to find a vehicle, trading in my truck and now having a new truck that we have been driving, Road Loans NOW says they WILL NOT finance! All my information was out there to be evaluated before the push-pull emails of hurry up and wait! The frustration is overwhelming and the unprofessional way this has NOT been handled, the putting of “cart before the horse” mentality is very taxing. I went online to research other consumer complaints about this company. They are one of the largest auto loan companies out there and also go under the name Triad. Buyer BEWARES!! I suggest that you hit the consumer complaint sites and take the time to read, read, read and read some more… I even found a previous complaint by a family that experienced practically the same situation. Some of the stories are pretty horrific concerning this company and I am hoping to impact even one potential buyer to do their research and homework. The big fish always eat the little fish even though there are more of us than them; and it is we and our hard work that keeps them fat and healthy to prey, yet once again, on the ignorance and gullibility that we don’t know what the Real Offer is. Be careful where you swim…


Dallas Texas

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61 of 63 Roadloans reviews

Aug 22, 2014 #859991

This is on my credit report. I have NEVER had a car loan. EVER... how the *** can this be on there??

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Jun 23, 2013 #668115 Orlando, Florida, United States

I feel that there is nothing wrong with roadloan at this time im restablishing my credit from hardship and this company was not an issue for me and yes this is true that carmax is the best place to use it. I went to a dealership and looked at a vehicle and told them that I was already approved thru road loans and the first thing the guy said was " what if i can get you approved thru someone else. I was happy with my dwnpymnt and intrest

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Jay Rock

May 15, 2013 #651429 Duluth, Georgia, United States

I have a loan with Roadloans, I have some advice for guys. The only place that this Loan will work with no problems is CARMAX. When you get approved by Roadloans and receive your voucher, don't waste your time looking for a car from any other dealer because they will slap you with a some fees exceeding $2000. But CARMAX use those voucher like a Cash Deal, all you have to do is pick a car and present a Voucher, Drivers License and may be your Insurance. Goodluck :) 8) :p

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finance guy

Feb 14, 2013 #609047 Laguna Niguel, California, United States

roadloans is a secondary finance company that finances people with bad credit, its unfortunate that you had a unpleasant situation with them but they do offer loans to people that cant get them anywhere else so anyone on here with good credit I would go else where for a loan but if you have tried else where and couldnt get one try roadloans get a car and rebuild your credit so your not in this situation next time you want to purchase a car, or pay off your collections first then apple at a normal lending institution.

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george  thomson

Nov 16, 2012 #570028

to let you know i,m happy
with them i appy a morth ago they told me i was approve that i would get cash back and skip
i,m tire of them playing game
me i very that i was rioff

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Mr. A

Aug 22, 2012 #532511

This is an isolated situation with Roadloans. Not ANYTHING to do with Roadloans being a bad or misleading company. ANY bank or lending institution would hesitate to give someone who has only been working at a job say for a couple of months would be hesitant to lend. Your income is the backbone of the loan, credit aside and if theys iffy then a company recouping their money is also iffy. DUH! I just bought my car a wife from them and honestly I couldn't be happier. I printed out the voucher and the required documents which included the paystub from my job of SIX years and guess what? No problems! Really, you just switched jobs and you blame the bank for pulling the rug from underneath your feet....

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Jun 14, 2012 #496293

So GLAD I read this! I am sorry all of you had to go through that, but thanks for saving my ***! I almost used them!

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Jun 12, 2012 #495024

Just received offer to refinance our car through Road Loans. Since we have never heard of said company decided to do a little checking and WOW, really got our eyes opened.

Thanks to everyone who posted their problems with Road Loans. Saved us from a very big mistake.

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Jo, Gulf Shores,Al

May 12, 2012 #479363

I refinanced my car with RoadLoans I was having a hard time financially due to the death of my husband with Cancer, then I had a heartattack and stroke. I needed some cash back to catch up on bills. Well I did it and they kept telling me I would receive a check for 2600.00 dollars,it would be sent to me within 72 hours after loan was approved. Well I waited for 3 days then called them. They told me I did not fill out the form to receive the refund the girl made a mistake. I have never been thru anything like this before, I told them to redo the loan and they said they could not do it. This is a 2009 Chrysler and I paid 10,000 down on it. It only has 15,000 miles on it I cannot even make the first payment on it I got very sick after this I am still sick over this.

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Feb 21, 2012 #434419


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Cynthia Gaines

Feb 20, 2012 #433766

Thank you all for your comments. I wanted to refinance my truck to a lower rate. After reading this, I think I will just stay with my current deal. This company does not sound to great.

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Feb 09, 2012 #426045

I tried to use a Roadloans a few years back and the dealership kept trying to talk me into "their" loan. So being tired and wanting to get out of there, I agreed to it at a higher rate and promptly went home and refinanced it through Roadloans and I got a better rate than the original Roadloans!

I have not had any issues with this loan and they even gave me a deferment one month when money was tight.

I will have this loan paid soon and I will probably go through Roadloans again.

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Pissed in NJ

Jan 14, 2012 #409417

I applied and was approved for a Roadloans car loan in January 2012. Loan was for $17,000 with a 16% interest rate. I needed to put $700 down. I went to four dealerships in the Roadloans network and they all refused to work with the Roadloans loan because of the marketing fee that Roadloans charges the dealership. Not sure of the amount of the fee but it was over a thousand dollars. Since I had researched the cars online and at, I knew what the autos were worth. Most dealers wanted to pass the fee on to me or increase the cost of the car and slip it past Roadloans if the could. No one would do it like Roadloans required. Basically, I have now decided to pay over $3000 to replace the engine in my old truck.

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hustled in mi

Jan 11, 2012 #407403

My husband & I were customers of these people & paid in full on time every month. The week before our last payment was made they tried to say that we missed 3 previous payments & were coming to repo our car. We pulled all our online payments & bank statements & faxed them immediatly! needless to say they had a truck @ our house that day. we didnt let him take the car & called the police. he said it was a civil matter but because we pulled it into our garage the tow guy was unable to take it!! By then we contacted a lawyer who then handled our case & we had our last payment taken off the loan & said bye bye to that company:0 they actually had the nerve to contact us for another loan for our next car we were gonna purchase!! lol! I hung the phone up after lmfao @ the rep! BIG DUMMY!!!!! :?

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in a rut

Jan 11, 2012 #407340

My wife and i used Roadloans cause we were strapped to find a car, filled out all of the paperwork made a selection and went to the stealership. Not only did we not get the car we wanted, we had to settle for something less and the stealership hit us with a $2500 fee for using Roadloans's service. Buyer beware, add the fee into the cost of the car before you make a selection, or go with something else.

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Hates stupid people

Dec 14, 2011 #391292

how about holding a freakin job, doesnt look good when you always are
changing jobs

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Road Loans Will Not Trick Me

Nov 07, 2011 #370422

I've just read every story/post on here and the main thing that brought pause to me is the fact that most of the customers were all approved for the same amount as me...$13,000. It's like they prey on people with poor credit and use gimmicks to get them approved for cars and afterwards they drop a bomb on them. I have purchased many vehicles, but NEVER have I heard of Road Loans. To me even the name sounded shady. I applied for the loan for my husband who works overseas and when they called they stated they could only speak to the person who applied for the loan...the second pause lol. So I immediately began to research them and voila!!!! Came across all of this. I am one who believes in signs, and this tells me NOT to pursue Road Loans. Thank u to everyone for sharing your story and for making my decision an easy one. God Bless you all :-)

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Oct 21, 2011 #362164

yeah my husband was just aproved for a loan through them and were thinking about taking it, first i was a little pod because they lowered our loan by 3000 because my hubby hasnt been at his job verry long and they didnt want to use his overtime as income, so when i found a car that met our discription i called the dealer, and they came up with this *** about there cost through roadloans and that they couldnt take a fall like that so our loan wa useless cause we couldnt get a 04 or newer car for 7300 so we just gave up on it, and i started hating roadloans, well they just called me to see why i havent used the loan yet and i told them what was going on and they said that it is not up to the costomer to pay any of there fees, they have fees because they wanna sell cars and roadloans is making it easyer for them to get people to buy cars, so my whole loan is what i get to spend on a car, did anyone have a good expierence with them, did you get to use your whole loan? only time will tell if i did

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really pissed us off

Oct 17, 2011 #359928

Roadloans should stop using RDM dealer in fortlauderdale FL,i was approved for 17,000 with a %18APR which i was ok with it becasue i never had credit before, so I went to the dealer ready to get the car, once we check all paperwork they told me that the car cost $3000 more than the original price because marketing fee and not to use roadloan because the dealer had a better bank. at that momment i knew this dealer was dishonest and not to trustworthy. the car cost originally was $10,600 the dealer as soon they knew i was a road loan custumer they put it on $16,000 i will end up paying over $27,000 for the car. so go figure.

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really pissed us off

Oct 17, 2011 #359926

Roadloans should stop using RDM dealer in fortlauderdale FL,i was approved for 17,000 with a %18APR which i was ok with it becasue i never had credit before, so I went to the dealer ready to get the car, once we check all paperwork they told me that the car cost $3000 more than the original price because marketing fee and not to use roadloan because the dealer had a better bank. at that momment i knew this dealer was dishonest and not to trustworthy. the car cost originally was $10,600 the dealer as soon they knew i was a road loan custumer they put it on $16,000 i will end up paying over $27,000 for the car. so go figure.

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