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Criminal *** and the *** of humanity. Don't trust a word they say.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Rising S Company Pros: No pro.

Rising S Company Cons: Everything about them.

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You want proof your a felon???get beenverified.com they will tell you your intire arrest record and what you was convicted of and everything. There is also a youtube video where you the owner of Rising S snitched your own customer out after buying stuff from him and you didn't turn all the purchases in to the Feds you kept the fully auto weapons. Go watch the Video Yall the guy got 33 months in jail because Rising S snitched him out


And the proof of this so called record?? Post a link. Waiting...

@Ildefonso Nqc

I realize this is over a year old, but just to set the record straight, you cannot link to a report on www.beenverified.com. To get the information, you must subscribe.

But it is worth the $30 or so before you spend thousands of dollars on a shelter to find out if the guy selling them to you is a convicted felon. Especially since he will know where your shelter is, how to get in to it, and maybe even what you have stored in it.

Use common sense, do your due diligence. Trust no one, verify everything yourself.

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