REST REPORT is a rip off

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The REST REPORT is a huge rip off. They charge between $700-1400

for a report called a NPV report. Supposedly, this report

will tell you if your mortgage company will modify your loan.

It is a FRAUD. Anyone can do this themselves in 5 easy steps

and save the $700-1400.

Also, the people who are involved in this are quite dubious.

Moe Bedard, recently out of prison and runs a blog

Martin Andelman, a true shyster and Brian Colombana, a disbarred

California attorney.

Save your money and avoid these frauds at all costs!!!!!!

Report all issues with these people to the California Attorney

Generals Office.

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Jul 11, 2014 #839288 Lexington, Kentucky, United States

I went through a company in California that used the REST report to help me get a modification on my loan. They were fantastic and I think the REST report helped get me a lower payment and in my case a principal reduction on my loan. So I highly recommend the report. It sure helped in my situation.

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Feb 04, 2014 #782126

I work for an attorney and last year obtained 90% success rate with the modifications I did.
I never accept a client unless they run a npv report. it is a waste of both my time and the clients time to submit a mod file that will not be approved.
If you think about it the typical mortgage in our area is at least $400,000.
To pay $1100 for a npv report that helps you keep your home is not bad.
I have assisted homeowners who tried to modify on their own but were denied. Luckily I was able to help them get all of their documents filled out correctly and get them approved. A person can try to run their own NPV report but the REST Report has analytics the lender uses. It also tells you what type of mod you meet the criteria for. You can save $1100 and guess or you can have someone who knows what they are doing help you. also Martin Andelman does not work for the REST Firm, he only told people about it. JoAnna Jensen

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The ARMS Corporation

Dec 26, 2013 #764092 White Plains, New York, United States

the rest report is totally useless to the end user. i suggest contacting the arms corporation

they have a team of real estate and legal professionals that make best use of the rest report among other tools to assist you in using automated software to prepare, print out, and submit your loan modification.

using this method, you can accurately predict to within 100%, the success of your loan mod. money back guarantee.

Ph 855-228-8700

"We Reach Out to Embrace Your Needs"

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Credit Rights Advocates

May 15, 2013 #651266 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

We have used the REST Report to assist many of our clients obtain a loan modification. In fact my personal loan with B of A was 12 months late and I tried on several occasions to get modified with out success. I ran a Rest Report on my scenario and found I was $12 off from being qualified. I resubmitted my application with the Report and am happy to say that I am now modified and my payment was cut by 60% and I received a principle reduction of $238,000. I could not be happier with the results, and think I was just $12 off and the bank would not tell me. If you are trying to modify I would not attempt it without a Rest Report.

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Mar 16, 2013 #623856 West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

The rest report is a very good tool when used properly. The report is only as good as the information entered. Who ever is doing your report should also be doing a bank call to get exact numbers along with getting proof of the numbers you are providing such as pay stubs, bank statements... No one can guarantee your outcome not even with a rest report. However with a good report run will dramatically increase your chances. If you need help or a little free advice contact me five/six/one/nine/zero/eight/three/four/zero/four. This whole process of saving ones home is not a walk in the park. attempting to do so on ones own normally ends in failure.

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Oct 15, 2012 #555689


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Dec 27, 2012 #586686

There is a new documentation service in the loan modifiication field which prepares the homeowners loan modification worksheets reflecting their current income, expenses, cash flow as well as their other qualifications and the new modified rate/term per HAMP Guidelines.

It is very detailed with all the ratios and information that a lenders underwriter will need to approve the transaction. will work closely with the homeowner on the phone and take the Homeowners application in the beginning as well as structure the information for an approval by the lender. Everyone is given the personal touch with a live person who really cares and is skilled in the loan moodification field.

Additionally, the system is designed by an underwriter. It allows the client or, the clients representative (Lawyer) to call in an application over the phone. Or, they can download the application from website and email it in for processing.

Upon review and completion of the application process, the final documentation with all the financial worksheets will be developed and emailed to the client for submission to the lenders underwriter, for approval.

The system is very accurate and takes into consideration all the waterfall steps of the HAMP Guidelines and, is designed to insure the necessary income or, expenses for an approval with the lender. This is a very
... Show more

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Jan 27, 2013 #600018

All you say above may be true...but You assume that folks a)want to learn how to help themselves and b) have the time available to get educated.
Most people these days are looking for a fast fix, with no effort, no money and completely done by someone else - Usually for FREE. It's not about the REST Report-It's about them when it "doesn't work". My experience is 100% success with more than 100 completed. My knowledge/experience fees are VERY high. The REST is VERY affordable.

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Jan 27, 2013 #600005

No one can guarantee you a mod - and if they do - RUN ! FAST ! The REST is full of the bullets needed to arm you with facts to fire your negotiation gun. If you do not know how to use the banker's own info to negotiate a loan mod (or short sale) find (and pay) someone who does. It will be money well spent. If you don't know how and won't pay an expert who does...well it's kinda like operating on yourself when you're not a doctor.!

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Apr 16, 2012 #466908

So is it a rip off?

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Jan 27, 2013 #599994 Orlando, Florida, United States

I have used the REST and REST PSR for a while now. Success rate is 100%. It is a factual information report that gives you the leverage of knowledge. Can you real a P&L? As with any information tool, the product is useless if you do not know how or what to do with the information. I highly recommend this product - Although, It is NOT a tool for a novice or for the average homeowner.

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Apr 16, 2012 #466907

So is it a rip off?

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Mar 27, 2012 #456572

There are 7 bits of info needed to determine whether you qualify, The five steps to get a mod are probably
1-get the HAMP hanbook from and study it
2-go to to see if you pass the npv test. The result from that siteCAN be used to appeal a denial, while the rest report is useless to the HAMP escalation team
3- I recommend calling 888-995-HOPE to apply, but be sure to use precise info on income and expenses when you apply.If you submit different info later, or if what you submit does not match your credit report, you are asking for problems.
4-If you experience a delay, or get a denial, call the HOPE number and ask them to make a 3 way call to get real answers. They have access to a higher level of bank reps for many lenders, who have full access to your file.
5-if you get denied for an invalid reason, (in writing) appeal through HAMP escalations following the handbook directions.

If you get denied for a valid reason, don't give up. Fannie and freddie have multiple other programs that you can learn about on their websites, and if your bank won't help you, you can contacy fannie/freddie yourself.

If you apply and don't hear back within 30-45 days, start making phone calls. I found that I was lied to by the bank reps when calling them myself, but finally got honest answers when I had a HOPE rep on the line.

HOPE can help you with appealing a denial, but I had excellent
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Mar 27, 2012 #456268

You say you can do this in five easy steps. How?

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Mar 22, 2012 #453738


the rest report ONLY tells you if you qualify for a loan mod, or why you don't qualify. All of that info is available for free. Either you can do it yourself, or get help free help from a housing counselor. To do it yourself, go to or to get started. Be aware that you need to gather the info and make sure it is correct.

You need to be precise with the info you enter, you can get tax, ins, and loan info from your lender or loan docs. Be sure to use monthly income- a month is 4.3 weeks. If it says you qualify for a` HAMP mod, you can use that info to appeal if the bank denies the mod.

If you carefully read all the BS about the rest report, you will find that all it does it tell you if you qualify, it does NOT help at all with the application process unless you want to pay them a total of over $3500.

If you check out the users forum on loansafe, you will see that even those who pay as much as $1500 for the rest report alone, without any help, have as much trouble getting approved as anyone else who goes through the process without paying a dime. Don't waste your money on the rest report. Do your research, and save time and money. Read the HAMP handbook from hmpadmin, read how to appeal, If you find that you don;t qualify from then play with the income figures to see what you need to earn to qualify.... Show more

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Mar 16, 2012 #450089

The REST report is a comprehensive analysis that works. The report gives a homeowner ALL the data that is being analyzed not just a pass or fail that checkmynpv spits out.

If your a homeowner reading this, believe me, REST works. If your upside down, and your payment is more than 31% of your PITI you need REST.

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Jan 27, 2013 #600011

I agree 100%. It works. It's all about the numbers. The REST is a concentrated dose (of the numbers parameters) in a snapshot layout that makes it easy to get the best within the allowable guidelines. It takes the "best-guess" work out of the equation completely! A super tool for a realtor!

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Mar 16, 2012 #450087

The REST report works, it gives you ALL of the information you need to KNOW that your are qualified OR not, and WHY. Sometimes knowing WHY your not eligible gives you a chance to fix it BEFORE you lose your house the servicer.

I just ran a checkmynpv report on a case, and the report simply tells you if you pass or fail, the REST is a comprehensive analysis that is second to none.

If your a homeowner, counselor, or an attorney, trust me, the REST is exactly what you need and whatever the price is, it is worth it.

The rhetoric spewed by these negative posters is wrong, they do not know what they're talking about.

Good Luck in your fight for justice and the American dream.

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Dec 30, 2011 #400260

my bad news for rest report fans.

If you buy the full service plan, beware the fine pring.

Go to loansafe, and read the users reports, where buyers who paid $3500 have NO mod($4200 when you add in the cost of the rest report) and this is justified because they rec'd a mod offer that was reported as 55% of income. Guarantee was also reported to be not a guarantee of an affordable mod, but any mod, or even a trial offer.Very few have actually reported any success. Many who had questions after purchased, or complained, are no longer posting on loansafe. Coincidence? I doubt it because I know what happened to me when I questioned it.

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Dec 22, 2011 #395989

jim wise-
the point is that the rest report does nothing for you that you can't do on your own with just a little effort. The other full service mod help they offered is at least guaranteed, with no upfront payment, even though it is way more expensive than most in trouble can afford.
But the rst report itself is still a ripoff, when it isabsolutely unnecessary and uselees as far as getting a mod. If you did some research, you would have seen that a large number of people who paid $700 or more for the rest report still ended up taking a year to get modified, proving the uselessness of it all.
My advice- save your money, follow the previously posted info, read the program rules, and see if it is too difficult. It5 really is not that complicated, and all the info you need to do it your self is information you need to provide to get the rest report. It should take less than an hour to gather the info you need, and another hour to determine on your own if you qualify. Is it really worth $700 to save 2 hours of your time, when you will spend that much time getting the rest report anyway?

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