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The bartender asked me am I inside and if so, why don't you just order from your waitress. Also added it seems inconvenient for me to come back and forth.

I explained that our waitress was busy and been awhile since we ordered, so I thought I'd order from here for quicker service. The lecture continued so I stated I didn't want to argue. She mentioned cameras, I said I didn't care if cameras were on.. so she decided to have me, my wife and daughter escorted out by a security officer.

The embarrassment was off the charts.. done in front of my other family members to top it off. They stated I was demanding to buy beer, and stated that was illegal. I advised them I was not demanding to buy beer..

I just didn't want to argue with the bartender or be lectured by her. They wouldn't even hear my side of the story.. just rudely stated your done and must leave the premises. So, I asked if I could at least pay my tab before we're escorted out, and they said yes.

But as we were leaving acted as if we didn't pay the tab. Our tab was $19 roughly, and instructed them that we left $20 cash on top of our receipt at the table. They acknowledged its paid.. but I did ask if there was anything else I did wrong before we're escorted out to our vehicle.

I didn't deserve to be treated that way.. the bar manager working there on 05/08/22 was horrible.

The worst attitude I think I've ever seen in recent years. Just a horrible nightmare!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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