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5/26/2021 Update: The office administrator refunded the lab fees, but not without charging a "restocking fee" of 10%. You've got to be kidding me.

Then, she asked me to remove my review.

As you can see from their response, there is accusation that I was unwilling to discuss my concerns. I called and emailed multiple times before I submitted a complaint to Better Business Bureau.

All the information in the review is still accurate. There isn't any confusion on my part. Again, it's just not a good fit for all the reasons I've outlined above.

It should be named REGURGITATE Health Medical Center because after my initial consultation, I felt like I was going to THROW UP.


If you need a succinct analogy: This practice is like a poorly-run used car dealership where the overall attitude is "What can I do to get you into this car TODAY" with very little consideration for IF the car in question is a good fit.

Not to mention, do you NEED a new car?





I am operating under the assumption that this practice is legitimately interested in helping people optimize their health. If that hypothesis is true, then first and foremost--GET OUT YOUR WALLET.

The style/strategy is high-pressure sales for financial, emotional, physical, and time-dedicated investment right out of the gate. And the way they try to convince you is by employing fear, shame, and guilt.

I have lived in many places during my lifetime, and I have had fabulous, generous, kind, and gifted naturopaths from Texas to Oregon and in between. I have cranial/sacral therapists.

I've gone to naturopaths and holistic biological dentists for the last two decades. I AM ALL ABOUT WORKING WITH DOCTORS AND PRACTICTIONERS FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Once you reach out and they get you on their mailing list, get ready to have them hound you by text, email, and phone until you commit to your first appointment. The initial consultation is $495 for 90 minutes and they require 1/2 up front. Fine.

I am willing to invest in helpful services, especially when it comes to my health.

After feeling like I wasn't being heard (please see pics for details) and when presented with the $3040 price for the nutritional program, I told Dr. ACE I didn't have that much money in my health savings account, and I'd want to pay out of my HSA. She said that was fine so I assumed that meant I could think about it and make a decision in the coming weeks. NOPE.

When I got to the front desk, all the supplements were packaged up and Brittani was ready to ring me up.

Thankfully, I had the fortitude to say NO, THANK YOU. But it was difficult and there was a lot of: We can't believe you don't want to invest in your health, Jeannette.

On my invoice after the consultation, these were the charges: $247.50 (second half of initial consultation fee) $40.00 lab coordination fee $49.00 additional lab coordination for specific testing $250.00 a specific comprehensive test

This doesn't include the charges to return to have my blood drawn nor the charges for any subsequent consultations post-labs.

I called the next day and let the practice know that it wasn't a good fit, and I returned the comprehensive test to the office. The comprehensive test was an envelope filled with strips that I hadn't opened or touched. Dr.

ACE had taken out the contents to explain the test, but I had simply taken the envelope with me when I left the office. They charged me a 10% of the price of the test a $25 "restocking" fee. They also charged me a $5 "credit card" fee.

A week later, the refund hadn't posted to my account. When I inquired about my refund, they told me $220 would be put back on my card with no mention of the $89 for the charges for the two lab coordination fees for labs that never happened.

The $220 did post a week after my cancellation, but only after I called to push them about it. I've called once and emailed them three times about the $89, and I've received no response. It should be noted that during that same time, I did inquire about fees for their programs, and I received a response within 24 hours.

To summarize, unless you like an inconsiderate, shame-based, drill-sergeant type practice--STEER CLEAR. I am grateful to know there are very talented doctors with much more ethical, gentle, conscious, and conscientious business practices and bedside manners.


My hope is that this review saves like-minded people both time and money as well as pain and suffering. It was an incredibly unpleasant experience all around.


Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Nothing. They are ripping people off and liars. Reporting them to the medical board, attorney general, better business bureau. .

Regenerate Health Medical Center Pros: Office manager nicole pressured to remove reviews, Reporting them to the medical board, Many unhappy past clients, Reward people who write reviews for them unethical.

Regenerate Health Medical Center Cons: Imo doctor ace is one of the worst doctors in santa barbara, Very inexperienced doctors, Doctor alliotto is, Dr alexandra carswell engle is money focused no patient focused, Dr rachel alioto is awful and lacks proper education.

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