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They harassed me over a debt that I was not responsible for.Sprint clearly waved a fee and they had the nerve to tell me it was my fault for there crappy service and they would continue to call until I took care of it.Very rude and unprofessional especially the supervisor Michelle.I attempted to make a payment three times with them on the amount that was my responsibility.But they could not get there act together and make sure the payment got processed right.I gave them my credit card three times.Everyone I delt with all did there jobs different.It was like they did not work for the same company.

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50 of 54 Receivables Performance Management reviews

Jul 06, 2014 #836661

They called & wanted my ss# so I hung up & called back no answer, its a scam!!!

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Dont use my companys name for

Dec 17, 2013 #759856

I had a customer come in saying she paid RPM and had a confirmation number and she wanted her phone back on. I explained to her we are a prepaid company and do not send customers to collections and I wasn't sure what she was talking about. I explained we didn't have any past bills due. You don't pay we turn you off that simple. I called the company back for her because I was mad at this point someone had taken her money under my companies name. The rep was very rude, refused any information said if we sent her to collections we should know why. I said I don't know why because we don't send anyone to collections. She acted to speak to a Manager, I told her I was the manager. We didn't get anywhere with the rep. I hope the customer gets her money back. SCAM I say. Check with the company they say the dept is for before you pay anything to any collection agency.

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Apr 09, 2013 #635359 Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

I have told several of their representatives that my debt has been paid through another agency and even sent a zero balance confirmation to them from the other agency and still receive calls. each time I sent the verification the calls stop for a few weeks and then they are right back to calling as if its a debt that just came across to their agency

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Faulpelz Wong

Nov 08, 2012 #566277

PLEEEEEEEASE don't ever, ever, ever talk to these scumbags. The Federal Government allows these creeps to buy old debt for pennies on the dollar. Point being: they have not client, they are the client. You pay, you pay them, not the company/client where debt originated. The original lender gets 0!!! Feel like lining pockets of sharks, then give them your credit card or checking account number. They had no legal precedence for collecting if you tell them to FO. :zzz

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Oct 02, 2012 #550084

The company contacted me for a bill I had paid eight years ago. I have the cancelled check and offered to send them a copy. If they call again I plan to inform them they are in violation of the FDCPA. I know a good attorney who is dying to sue them for me, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they stop calling me.

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Niki K.

Sep 01, 2012 #536842

I just posted not more than a 1/2 hr ago about this company RPM. I just thought that I would share AGAIN that I just recieved ANOTHER phone call from someone else there wanting to speak to me regarding (youre gonna love this) MULTIPLE DEBTS owed that they are now in charge of!!!!!! WOW>>>>
I lost it and went off on this barely speaking english man! How dare them! What I failed to mention in my first post is that I specifically told this "Sandy" to remove the phone number that she called on from their data base because the number they called was listed ON the national registry of the DO NOT CALL LIST for any toll free numbers. This "Sandy" guaranteed me that it would be taken off! So then now not even 1/2 hr later why in the *** am I getting a call AGAIN?
So they go from $250.00 to 2900.00 to MULTIPLE debts that they want to collect on!!! WTH?????
THIS COMPANY HAS TO BE STOPPED! THEY ARE THIEVES! How do these employees sleep at night knowing that they are doing this? Do they not realize that the person next to them is probably trying to take money from their own Grandmother or Aunt or Sister?

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Niki K.

Sep 01, 2012 #536831

Something MUST be done to stop RPM from harassing and fraudulently scamming good people of their hard earned money. For months now I have been receiving numerous calls daily from this so-called collection agency wanting payment for a debt that I have never even heard of. When I started asking this "Sandy" questions about this she fumbled thru her words and claimed she had NO further information about this "debt"and that all she had was the total and the name of the company who wants payment which is "Associates". She thought that it was a credit card company but wasnt sure. She of course apologized for "little information" that she was able to share. But still demanded payment to get this resolved. She claimed that that it was brought to their desk at the end of July 2012 but then why have they been calling for over 8 months if they just received this debt? SCAM!!!
When I first talked to a gentleman (who was very rude to me & ended up hanging up on me) back in April 2012, he claimed that I supposedly owed just over 250.00. This morning when I talked to "Sandy" the total today is an astonishing $2698.87. REALLY???
I have a very good credit score with NO open accounts on my credit report so I KNOW for a fact 100% that I do not owe 250.00 let alone 2698.97 to anyone!!!
She went on and demanded I give her my address and cell phone # because when she went through the "info" she had on file with me, she had an address that is 4yrs old. She also asked me to
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Jun 26, 2012 #502536

So from the moment i answered the phone the *** on the other line was beyond disgusting! Sarcastic and had a very bad tone and threaten me! I called back after he refused to give me his name and when he answered he called me by my first name and was a complete ***! Im sending my complaint off to several sites and blogs i work with because people like that should seriously be fired! The entire agency is so completely rude because as i tried to obtain information i heard workers yelling stuff to each other! Im not going to stop complaining until im heard and someone does something about it! Oh and i bet they labeled me as the rude crazy *** on the other line!

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Anita Brooks

Jun 26, 2012 #502319

That Melissa, called my house and aced like she could not hear me when I told her the person she was calling for did not live at my residence any longer. I called back to talk to someone else to explain they need to drop my number and got her again. Very rude, perhaps she needs to swim back across the Rio Grande.

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Jun 14, 2012 #495812

Sandy. Debt collectors are people too. Some of the people I deal with on the phone are rude And evasive. Sometimes its not What you say anbut how you say it. When people give me excuses about a three year old bill that they had time and opportunity to resolved and were probably notified by phone or mail numberous times. Most people will make excuses and get mad if you tell them what you don't want. My name is Zane by the way as well and I do collect for rpm. I didn't mean to offend You by any means but us collectors are reasonable and in the right context I would have given you my last name I am the only Zane who works there and my notations would have been added to your account. I will tell ya sandy the people who have paid me love me and were grateful for my services. The people who aren't willing. To pay or make excuses got upset because I tell them the facts.

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May 31, 2013 #658530 Glendale, Arizona, United States

Whatever all collectors are rude and you are trying to persuade people to make your goal or you lose your job.

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Jun 12, 2012 #494808

They called me a million times tellin me to pay and as soon as i do they cant email me my confirmation letter. i gave them my email like 3 times and they still hadit wrong on file. when i call them to question about it and if they could send me another email i had to give them my email again cuz they still hadit wrong. and then the *** named maria just hangs up on me saying she doesnt wanna talk to me anymore. she claimed i was rude buti was just tryin to make sure they did their part cuz i obviously did mine. they call u forever but as soon as u pay they dont have time for u. crappy service. :(

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May 26, 2012 #486400

RPM has called my phone numerous of times. When I call them back they hang up. I tried to tell them they got the wrong person. They do't listen. I just got a new phone and as soon as I got the phone activated they start calling. :)

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Apr 26, 2012 #472094

These d**k heads keep calling my cell looking for someone who I've never met. Since I use a prepaid, everytime I check voice mail I have to pay. When I called to tell them to stop they guy couldn't have been a bigger a-hole and hung up on me. I will definitely be contacting the BBB and FCC.

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Apr 26, 2012 #471805

RPM called an old client ( I am an accountant) said I gave them that number as a contact.I am now goinged to possibly be sued by the old client for harrassment. Not sure how they get phone numbers. Spoke with Zane Very Very Rude said I need to pay my bill. This is a bill I don't owe. Any suggestions. I am a New Jersey Resident

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Illegal contact

Apr 17, 2012 #467330

Collections agencies can not call past 10:00pm or weekends. This one calls mostly during this time no message no way to call back and after weeks if this another number will appear with a local area code. No message but a pleasant voice at the other end. Basically playing Good cop Bad cop. Normally not to the person who owes the money but to the person they think will pay. I told them to go after the person who had the debt."We can't not reach him" Yet they found his former fiancee's Mother who was once a reference to him...go figure.

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Stan Tuttle

Mar 29, 2012 #457468

I left sprint early so I got hit with a early termination I have paying them every month now that its below $100 RPM calls me at least twice aday. so I'm now only paying $10 a month I know they will keep calling if there jerks I'm going to go to $5 a month.

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so sick rii now

Mar 23, 2012 #454344

I spoke to someone name Zane a min ago and he was so disgusting he wants all my info but when I ask for his last name he was not tryna hear that. Very loud tone of voice it was so rude and disturbing and me that i suffer from depression and anxiety it iz so bad rii now. Im all in my feelings rii now and he is probably just sitting back plotting on his nex t victim. When i get like this i usually end up in the er

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Mar 21, 2012 #453360

Shady. They will take money from your acct without your authorization. It happened to me. If they ever do, file a fraud report with your bank and you will get your money back as long as you are honest. RPM will tell you that you will not be refunded & that you are wrong & you were recorded authorizing the withdrawal. Don't let them bully you. FIGHT BACK. I am contacting the BBB. Don't trust them no matter what they try to say. BULLIES.

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Mar 19, 2012 #451640

*** RPM!! LOL :grin

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