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The first problem was water leaking in between the original tub and the liner that rebath installed. After rebath replaced the liner ( which I had to pay for the re-installation ) and less than 2 years later there are now air pockets between the liner and tub.

The Ma. office is now telling me that the tub must not be an exact fit and corporate office will not fix the problem. Bottom line - DO NOT trust this company !

They will go out of business sooner or later. I want to join a class action law suit.

Monetary Loss: $3900.

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Not sure when you posted this but here goes. I have worked for a different Re-Bath Franchise for 10 plus years.

the way the warranty works is it covers material & labor on all Re-Bath brand products for as long as you own the property, period. Re-Bath Corp. is the one who stands behind the warranty not the local franchise. yes the franchise is the one who will be the one to fix it and they are the ones who usually deal with corp.

on your behalf. Now, there is some responsibility on the home owner to keep the final sealant clean and replaced when needed. if your having problems and not getting anywhere with the local franchise go to the manufacturer. that's Re-Bath.

our customers don't have this type of problems.

If all this is true then I'm sorry for what you've had to go through.

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #808603

That is not how a franchise works. If there is a problem and the local guy won't do anything than contact the state attorney general.

Rebath has a agent of service so take them to court in the state.

It won't get that far. As soon as they get service they will take care of it

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