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hello i am a retired elderly man from south carolina. i wanted to have my disabled wifes bathroom redone to accomodate her disabilities.

on 5/25/2011 i had a rebath agent come in and quoted me a price of $5300.00, that seemed reasonable so i agreed and he stated they needed half up front, so i wrote a check for $2650.00 and got a receipt and copy of the contract.

he responded by saying we will start the job in six weeks, now the time for the work has come and gone and low and behold rebath carolina folded and is forwarding questions and complaints to the corporate office. they have not returned any phone calls or responded to any emails, im afraid now that the company is a sham and a quick way to abuse the elderly and disabled, do not do business with this company!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2650.

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Never, repeat NEVER, pay a deposit to any remodeling company, painter or roofer.


You folks are full of ***. The reason they are out of business I because of people like you.

Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #317494

Just talked to them Saturday and the salesman made a big deal out of being a franchise. It would be so much better to deal with them rather than someone local. I am glad I read this before I called them on Monday.

Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #314012

Taking a deposit is creating an escrow for the money to be spent for what it was intended, purchase of materials. Not doing that is consider conversion. Call the DA.

Thing must be really bad, Jim Heath was a better man than that.

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