Chattanooga, Tennessee

My aunt had her bathroom remodeled in one day and loved it so I decided to see if ReBath could do the same for me. The salesman was very nice and convinced me to let him do my bathroom.

We wait 4 weeks and the unit they bring in will not fit. 3 more weeks and this time it fits, but when we step into it it sinks! We've complained and get the same story it performs as it is suppose to perform. So I called my aunt to see if her does that and she says no, so my husband and I go to look at it and it doesn't sink at all.

Then she tells me oh I'm sorry mine was Bath Fitter.

I wouldn't go with Rebath unless you like sinking into your bathtub.

Monetary Loss: $4400.

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Albany, California, United States #615350

Sorry you got stuck with inferior product. No one can beat a bath fitter

to Can't beat bath ***r Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #619578

Sounds like a bathfitter dealer. Worst product on the planet.

to Can't beat bath ***r Glendale, Arizona, United States #773146

Um, yes you can. I wouldn't put that Canadian garbage in my house.

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