Wichita, Kansas

I just want to say that I am very satisfied, no, more than satisfied with ReBath. The product they install in outstanding.

The installers were professional, clean, and friendly. The whole process was fantastic.

I just happen to be surfing the web when I saw this site and it bothers me that anyone can say anything they want with no consequences. For me, ReBath is the best. I would without a doubt recommend ReBath of my friends and family.

In fact I have. So if you are looking to remodel your bathroom and you want your money's worth then give ReBath a call, I did.

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Not a great experience. Bad attitude. Bad service.


Not a great experience. Bad attitude. Bad service.


The salesman had to call his office every few minutes while he was here. I did not think he knew anything about bath remodeling except for the canned pitch


Why is it that just because a person on here says they like "XYZ" company they are always bashed for saying so and accused of being employees of said company, yet those who post negativity about the same company are NOT accused of being competitors? You see, that is the problem with this website.

Anyone can post.

Trust sites like Angieslist.com, because it is only for paying subscription based customers who ACTUALLY use the products they are reviewing and not just blasting companies they don't like or are competitors for! Get real people!!!


I am willing to bet less than 5% of the things posted on the ReBath or Bath Fitters is true. But they both are taking millions out of the pockets of your local contractor and this is their only recourse.

Any how, lots of great Bath Fitter and ReBath people out there and lots of great contractors. Check your local home building association or NARI and you will find the good ones.


This thread cracks me up... I have a lot of experience with BCI, Re-Bath, and Bath-Fitter. I have visited all the facilities and looked into a viable secondary business with all of them a couple years ago. I didnt do it. That said, those three major players in the "liner" industry are offering no more than just "Plastic" coverups. The margins are high, but they spend a ton in advertising.

OK... blah blah blah.. Said all that to say this. For you bathroom contractors, it would be good for you to learn as much about these companies as you can. They use BRUTAL sales techniques and their materials have little improved. Bathtub liners will fill up with water about as fast as they can be installed. They are gonna be tough to compete against and the customer base for the mid-level contractor and these companies are beginning to overlap. They have excellent sales systems and if they are in the house after you, good luck. These guys know how to sell. If you are just a contractor relying on a good reputation and high quality work, think again. They have a lot of ammo to kick the contractor out unless the customer is focused on "price" in which case you're not getting the job anyway.

I have copies of the sales systems, and business tactics is anybody wants more info...

Consumer A

Oh, I totally agree with you Ima; part of the addiction I have with this board is how absurd most of the whining is. But the fake "I love company ABC" is pretty lame.


I think complaining customers are full of ***. This website is for idiots.


These "XYX" is a great company posts are so obviously fake, it is embarrassing. Besides, a rebuttal from the company on the original complaint is *much* more effective than this absurdity, as you are addressing the specific complaint.

In addition, when people see this, they just have more reason to think you are deceptive.