Dallas, Texas

I had Rebath install a new shower for my two years ago and I noticed that the shower pan had developed a dip in it. I called them about it and was informed by the local office that my warranty is only for REBATH products and the shower pan was made by another company. I thought that I had purchased REBATH products since that was the name on the contract but OH NO. They tell that isnt so, I thought this was a joke so I called the corporate office three times and finally got an answer from HEDI that what the local company said was true. Their warranty doesnt cover anything but the shower walls and then only the material. Nothing else and I spented $7200 for this *** and now it will all have to be taken out so the floor can be replaced.

Thank you REBATH. HAVE A Pleasant Day.

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I though I could go with a national company and feel safe. My liner cracked after five years.

And the wanted a copy of the contract which I had.

Then they told me it would cost $1500 fora or which was not covered. This is a scam


Welcome to the club. We had a similiar experience with them and we contacted the New York state attorney general office. Rebath was eager to visit us and fixed the problem but only when their feet is held to the fire.