Sterling Heights, Michigan
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First of all let me just say I am not a customer but a past employee. Being an employee I saw first hand how this company literally screwed over every single customer that signed with them.

If you do end up signing a contract with them my first piece of advise to you is to only give a small deposit!!! and when the contract says 4-6 weeks or 8-10 believe me when I say you will not get your material installed until the minimum of 3.5-4.5 months later. I worked first hand with the owner Cindy Oslund and she is the one that does all of the ordering. She does not order the material until the customer calls in and asks what the heck is taking so long.

....the thing she tells everyone is " the manufacturer is running behind" let me tell you this so you know the truth. Once the material is ordered it takes approx a little over a week to produce and 7-8 days to ship. so there is NO REASON people should be waiting up to 6 months for their products.

I am not bashing anyone here i am just warning people that if you are looking for something fast this place is not it. you will get the run around like no other ....beware this place is a JOKE!!!!!

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Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1256300

I am so pissed at myself for not reading all of these online reviews before I signed my contract with Re-Bath. I have been dealing with Cindy for almost 5 months now and she is doing EXACTLY what you said.

I can't even get her to come out and look at my shower door that has a 1-inch gap at the top AND at the bottom of it. I have to keep a shower curtain up to prevent the water from running out onto the floor.

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