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I recently had an appointment with Rebath of

Travis County. The salesman came out to give me an estimate on my bathroom. He stayed at my house for almost three hours and would not leave. He kept pressuring me to sign a contract that night, explaining that if I did not, I would not receive the discounted price they were giving me, it would be more. I didn't even like the discounted price, let alone the price if i didn't sign that same night. He wanted almost $5000.00 to do this. That is just insane. I asked him where is the money in this kind of job. Can't be in the labor since they are at the job for just one day. Can't be in the material, I have been to Home Depot and know what the cost of a water tap and bathtub costs. I think everyone should be value for their money is this is just an overpriced ripoff.

Also, he told me that their company mayn't be willing to sign with us latter because they only come out once to do a contract if I decided later to use them for my bathroom remodel. Even when I told them that I felt pressured and that they were the first person I spoke to, he still pressed on. I told him I would like to get other offers and his whole demeanor changed. He threw his stuff into his bag and just walked out. This is like the movie "Tin Men". I thought there was a hidden camera somewhere. It just *** me off to think that someone thinks I or any consumer is *** enough to buy this *** today.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I just had Re-Bath of Travis County install a new shower for me. It is wonderful!

The overall experience was so much better than I had hoped for! Home remodeling is always scary, and this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had.

I read the comments on this after i signed my contract with ReBath. I was a little hesitant after reading them.

However, from my experience, the bad posting are entirely untrue!

Re-Bath of Travis County will always get great reviews from me! The installers are the best!


Joe Talent,

Please call me regarding your situation. I'd be more than happy to speak with you about your situation. We are not in the business of taking people's money. Again, my phone number is 512-836-7200

We do not decide what a customer wants to do with their bathroom. If your mother-in-law wanted to have her tub turned into a shower, that is her decision, not ReBath's decision. I would also think that the safety of the tub to shower conversion for your mother-in-law would be more important to you than the value of the home. That being said, changing a tub to a shower will not decrease the value of the home.

Again, please contact me, as I'd like to speak with you and find out who I'm talking to and lets see if we can get this issue you have with ReBath solved. My phone number is 512-836-7200

There is nothing I can do if I do not know who you are, so please call me. I will continue to update this post when I hear from Mr. Talent.

Bryan Kemp


ReBath of Travis County



I don't recall ever having asked Paul Williams to remove his posting. I simply asked him to call me so that we can verify the authenticity of his claim.

To date, I have not heard from Paul Williams or any of the folks that have posted information on this website. All posting are very vague and not one person has used a real name that I can track back to my customer database.

If one of these folks are real customers, I would really like to speak to them and I will personally follow up on this site with an apology to that customer if the posting is legit. However, I cannot track down a ghost.

Until I can verify any of this information is accurate, I will continue to assume this is one of my competitors that cannot compete with our product, our warranty, our workmanship, or our customer service.

Please remember the posting on this website are never reviewed by this website for accuracy or to verify if there is a legitimate claim. I refuse to lower myself and my company to a level of posting malicous comments toward any competitors to use as an advantage against them. Anyone can post to this site regardless of any actual contacts they have had with a company.

My phone number is 512-836-7200 if you wish to speak to me.

Bryan Kemp


ReBath of Travis County


My mother-in-law was sold on taking her bathtub out and putting in a shower in a one bathroom house. Not only did it ruin the resale value of the house but they charged her $9,600 to do this.

The lady lives on soical security and this is a huge amount of money. I got on the telephone and called two others guys who would have do the same thing for $3600 and used real tile not cheap plastic junk. I drive truck and wasnt in town until it was to late to get out of the contract. When we called they said they had already ordered the material and she couldnt get out of the contract.

Live and learn. And dont do business with these people.


Just Reabth trying so hard to get thi "Paul Williams" to remove his post about his experience is enough to make me suspicious of there sales pitch.


It has been over a month since I posted my original posting regarding a disgruntled customer that posted information about ReBath of Travis County. I have not heard from Paul, who claims to have had a negative experience with us. Paul Williams has never contacted ReBath of Travis County for our free in-home consultation. We have also never installed a ReBath system for Paul Williams. We keep a very detailed customer database. Paul Williams is the customer making these claims about my company. He has posted claims all over the web about my company as well as other ReBath companies.

Paul, I encourage you to contact me if you sincerely do have an issue with ReBath. I would love to speak to you. My number is 512-836-7200.

You have not contacted me thus far.

Again, I appreciate what sites like these provide for consumers. However, anyone can log into these sites to post malicious content about a company.

ReBath offers the latest and greatest products to our customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling. Unfortunately, our competitors do not like the fact that we stand behind our product 100%. We have a lifetime warranty on our product as well as our installation. We provide this warranty because our product IS THAT GOOD!

Our showroom is located at 13450 Research Blvd, Ste. 237B, Austin, TX 78750. Please come to the showroom and see our products. I am the owner and my office is located here. I am always more than happy to speak to any of our current, past or potential customers.

Paul, I still would love to hear what your beef with ReBath is.

Posted by Bryan Kemp

The Bitterness of Poor Quality last much longer than the Sweetness of a cheap price!



My name is Bryan Kemp. I am the owner here at ReBath of Travis County. I have read your post about my company.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of my company for the experience you had with ReBath of Travis County. This is not the way we conduct business. I would really like to speak with you personally about the issue you had with my company so that I can speak to my staff to train and educate them so this does not happen to future prospective customers.

Paul, unfortunately, I cannot find anywhere in any of our databases where my company has ever visited you for a sales appointment. Is it possible we may have you under a different name? Paul, I don't feel comfortable posting my cell phone number on this site, however, if you will email me, I will be more than happy to provide you with my cell phone number so that we may speak about your experience. My email address is Can you please email me with the date and time one of my representatives came to your home for a consultation and I will reply with my cell phone number? You may also contact me at my office at 512-836-7200.

Paul Williams, I also noticed you posted this exact same posting on and It is very suspicious to me that you also have posting about ReBath of California and ReBath of North Texas on and on this site as well. In the article you wrote about my company, you say that our product is overpriced and undervalued. However, on, you say how great ReBath of California is and that Randy and his crew did a great job on your bathroom out there. That posting is dated 11/9/08. You posted the comment about my company on 11/8/08. You also posted a derogatory comment about ReBath of North Texas as well. The reason this is a little suspicious is that if you have had dealings with ReBath of California and ReBath of North Texas, wouldn't you have know a little about our price and our product before you contacted us? I encourage anyone who is reading this posting to search for Paul Williams on those sites and you will see that Paul Williams has had encounters with more than one ReBath. I apologize if you have had a bad experience with ReBath in the past. However, every ReBath franchise is independently owned and operated.

Paul, in order for me to verify these complaints with my company, I must be able to verify your information. If you cannot verify this information, I can only assume this is one of my competitors who cannot compete with ReBath and has to rely on these type of postings to get any type of advantage over ReBath. I have given you my email information and you have my office phone number. I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

To all of my customers: I appreciate what sites like these provide for the consumer. However, it is unfortunate that competitors can get onto these website and maliciously post false comments about any company. I have given my email address, and would like anyone who does have an issue with ReBath of Travis County to contact me personally. I feel very strongly this postings is neither accurate nor verifiable.


I used to work as a salesman for a rebath company in another city. It is always up to the customer to determine if he can afford the product.

The saving is in the time required to install which they do in a day or two compared to much more time if you remodel the conviential way. The cost can be all over the place so get other estimates and learn to say no.