Roanoke, Virginia
Not resolved

The installer was great but the product is not worth the cost. It was $7367.00 for a walk in shower.

Should have been only half that. The caulk started molding within 2 weeks. They came and recaulked it 2 weeks later same thing.if you don't wipe it down with a clean dry towel every time you use it, its gonna mold. I bought this cause I'm disabled and wanted to make it easier on myself but its a pain in the ***.

I wouldn't mind it so much if they didn't charge an arm and two legs for the *** thing. If I had it to do over I wouldn't do it. Don't use the in house financing its a big rip off. I sent them a $5,000 check and they didn't apply it to my account for 4 months.

They was sitting on the money drawling interest.

Had to call and raise *** to make them apply it to my account. They prey on the elderly and the disabled.

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