Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
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In a nutshell I asked Rebath to give me an estimate to remodel both of my small bathrooms. I was told by the salesman that they don't do that but could replace both of my tubs and surrounds for $12,500.

I told him thanks but no thanks since I received another estimate from a local contractor that can completely remodel both bathrooms from top to bottom for $5500. When the Rebath rep gave me the estimate I actually chuckled but stopped myself from laughing so as not to be rude.

I told him about the less expensive estimate but he said that Rebath wasn't the company for me and left.

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Rachael P


We are sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with your Re-Bath experience. We would appreciate hearing about your situation so that we can better understand where we can improve our processes.

Please contact Lisa O’Rander in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 147 or by email at (CC me at We’ll make sure to address your issue immediately.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


We had the same experience with Rebath. I read what the Rebath representative said.

she didn't make a lot of sense. I have this thing about thing making sense. Our saleman didn't know much about remodeling, he said that he worked for a sunroom company before he got this job. When I asked him so questions about it he just made up something really off the wall.

The funny thing about it was he was telling how much damage was being caused by water leaking into my wall and I asked when could they do the work and he said (I am not making this up) in about six to eight weeks.

So much for urgency! I told him as I showed him the door would be using someone who will start at the end of the week and for half what they quoted.



In the end, it quite simply came down to two choices:

1. Rebath only replacing tub and tub surround in 2 bathrooms for $12,500. This really shocked me. With a name like Rebath I thought for sure they could remodel the entire thing. Not so.


2. Contractor remodeling both bathrooms completely (new floors, tiling walls, replacing one of the tubs with a walk-in shower with bench, new vanities, crown molding, among other things) for $5500.

Which one would you choose?

And before you question their quality, I've been monitoring their work and it's impeccable. They are even going beyond the call of duty and replacing old piping just to be sure it won't bust on me one day. I've researched all the parts that they are using and have found no bad reviews. I can't however say the same for the reviews I've been reading about the products and parts that Rebath uses.

Since I chose not to use Rebath I have nothing against them directly; please don't get that idea. I simply write reviews so that other consumers out there can make educated decisions. I use reviews everyday so I contribute as well.


Hello Deuteronspi. We stand behind the quality of our products and the value of our services, which typically means a shorter time to complete the remodel, which enables full use of your bathroom sooner.

However, we recognize that the decision factors in choosing a bathroom remodeler extend beyond quality and time to completion.

It sounds like you have found the best remodeler for your point of concern. Best of luck with your remodels.


Comparing companies reputations and or quality of products and workmanship by price is impossible.


Hello, this is Aimee of Re-Bath. I don't see where there is a problem with the product or work done by Re-Bath.

I can understand why you might prefer to remain anonymous when posting online.

I would like to connect with you. Please email me at awilliams [@] or call me 480-844-1575.


I would not reveal to much about your knowledge about Rebath. Dave does not tolerate any questioning of them.

Ask the old dealer in Reno. You are a dealer, Dave Sander will get the IP address of the message and send you a nasty letter. Which will just says something like you are in voilation of some vague aspect of your contract.

Their move into "Phase II" is the same as them just throwing in the towel.

What can of business plan is it to have those untrained franchisees enter into competition with REAL contractors? For example, they have tried push the idea of a "floating tile floor" which is just a poor DYI installation when a REAL contractor will just install a REAL tile floor for less.

Few of them have never pulled a permit or even have a licenses to do they work they are selling. It is just sad case for both the customer and the franchisee.

But what the heck - sell another franchisee. Or just sell the Rebath company to someone else and let them clean up the mess.


some things about rebath:

1. they franchise out their product and aren't particularly good at it. Their installation training is highly limited to a specific product line that's in decline as far as demand goes and they will leave any franchisee that pays the nut to fend for himself without any support whatsoever.

2. they have the best product of its kind on the market

3. their CEO Dave Sanders is a smug little *** that is a very thin skinned, arrogant and sensitive little *** that revels in taking credit for other peoples work ... he claims to have sold hundreds of millions of such and such but he's really never sold anything in his life.

4. rebath is only as good as the franchisee that you work with. Most are better than others.

5. They have this sales system that they are in love with which is nothing more than a traditional home sales strategy that's been around for decades. They will try to incentive you with a discount for an initial in home visit purchase with the excuse that if they don't have to come back there is a cost savings and blagh blagh blagh. It's a tactic people, one that works unfortunately based on statistics. Tell the salesman if he does this to you that you may buy in four weeks and you'll expect a full 20% discount at that time and he will be grateful for the sale. Everyones doing ok if they shoot you a 5K cost for a liner, three walls and a valve at a 20% discount.

5. they will sell a franchise to anyone that can pay the nut and they don't care if you are qualified for the work or not, nor do they care if you are properly trained. They only care about if you can cover the cost nut for the franchise.