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Exorbitant cost, shoddy workmanship, and they took advantage of my 87 year old grandmother.

My Grandmother contracted with Re-Bath in May while I was living out of state. work did not begin until a month later and was not complete until August, meanwhile my Grandmother had to spend several weeks using the garage bathroom.

The Job which started at less than $30,000 for 2 small bathrooms ran up to almost $40,000 by completion, meanwhile the installers broke pipes, dirtied up the house, and generally manufactured chaos for nearly two months. One one occasion the job was delayed nearly 2 weeks while waiting on parts that were an hour's drive away.

At first glance the 1960's bathrooms look greatly improved; the Devil, however, is in the details. Re-bath said that they do not paint, so peeling paint and water damage is still evident. Hardware on existing cabinets was not replaced. The cut edges of vinyl paneling and counter-tops are jagged and unfinished, as well as the caulk being patchy and pockmarked.

The light fixture in one bathroom, while first appearing to be crooked, turned out to be so poorly affixed that when I touched it to straighten it one of the affixing nuts fell off!

I intend to address this to Re-bath at every level untill these bathrooms are finished properly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

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Campbell worked for ReBath in Overland Park. Jewelry and cash are what Overland Park police said one worker stole from families when they hired him to do work in their homes.

Teresa Spiess was excited to redo her bathroom. She hired a local company to refurbish the tub and remove the mold behind the wall. But one week later she said she discovered something else had been removed from her bathroom by one of the workers. "We keep savings in the drawer -- kids' birthday money and college savings, plus money for the bathroom work," she said.

"How much? $6,500." The worker, Bradlee Campbell, was charged in Johnson County court with felony theft not only in the Spiess' case, but two other consumers who had reported to police that they were also ripped off. KCTV5 has learned that he had a criminal record that includes driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. This is something that doesn't sit well with Spiess.

"When am I going to get money?" she said. "I'm not a bank. I'm not trying to hurt the business. I hate that I'm in this position."ReBath declined to talk on camera, but one of the co-owners said they are a reputable company with a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.

He could not talk about hiring practices. He said a claim has been filed with an insurance company in the Spiess' case and it will take time to process.


Well I guess I was wrong. Tony, Insider and Bad.Bad.Bad.

all have the same errors. Mr. hdawne has had his named cleared(by my allegations) by the posting of cities beside the user name, I apologize. But who is this mysterious poster from Keller, Texas?

As I read through all the complaints on this board a good 40% come from Keller or a neighboring city. Does that seem strange to anyone else? It would sure be nice if this mystery poster would show us his/her identity and the true story of the hate they have for Rebath.

Until then I hope we can take those comments with a grain of salt. HAPPY WITH RE-BATH FROM MIDLAND TEXAS WITH MY 2 CENTS!!!!

Brad K

In Response to "Heads up!". Your comments makes no sense to me.

No one has ever been arrested in our place of business. All of our employees have had drug screening, and background checks done prior to employment, and we do not use sub-contractors. Also, our showroom is beautiful, and we receive daily compliments on it. I think you have us confused with someone else.

My phone number is 512-836-7200, and I am in our Showroom almost all of the time. Your comment is made up and untrue. Please call me to discuss why you post such a comment.

My assumption is you are a competitor trying to smear our name. If you are, that is a sad way to do business.

Brad Kemp


My wife and myself were at their so called show room (a really dirty place with junk piled up on all the flat surfaces.) When the police show up to arrest a young man for child molestation, the manager said not to worry he was a sub-contractor not a regular employee. I wonder where he got the home depot badbe? Well we do worry about who comes into our home and we left seeking another company who screen people who they send into our homes for service.


You imply social engineering not soical media with you comment.


Another example of "***" posted on this site....I am the original "social media poster"....the most recent is not my post but appears to be an ex-employee complaining about why they are not successful. Quit blaming others for your failures and get out there and work hard. Best of luck to you.


I just don't think anyone would be looking for product benefits on a website like this!! Rather, they are searching what to avoid.

"Sick" appears to be a burned out salesman who was taught the Sid Sales Method and promised a six diget salary just to find out it is hard work to keep the sale once it has been made. They also forgot to tell him about charge backs before he was hired. Or the $600 gas bill would come out of his pocket. I quite when I drove three hours to a house in the county that was falling down to talk to a *** addict who was just checking on the price.

It was also one of the rules never to discuss price until the saleman has established value. You good gentlemen will have to rip off the old ladies without me.


Dear sick.....could you just be a competitor posting more *** on this site only to confuse consumers?? To bad people can't use this site to get the real truth on products and services. A lot of people just posting *** because they can be anonymous.


Dear "SICK", I can only assume due to your defensive comment that you work(ed?)for Rebath and possibly were one of those installers who were reported to have been fired after the incompetent work you did at my grandmother's house. Yes, she agreed to an exorbitant price, paid it, and some work was done.

After four more months they finally completed it to being (barely) satisfactory.

I do not retract any of my complaints, and caution anyone against using your substandard (former?) company. If you still work for them you should be ashamed of for calling yourself a professional in their employ.


Well, here's another ***. She calls a salesman out to her house, agrees on the terms, and then changes her mind.

She must've been bored on the internet searching for something to do; so she had someone come out, waste their time, go through a whole in-home presentation, beat him up to get a good price and then changes her mind! Another perfect example of someone who should have done their homework and research before the appointment. I am sick of you, *** consumers, who think you should get something for nothing our companies owe you. You get what you pay for.

You don't walk into a Porsche sales lot, test drive it, want it, and expect to pay 10k for it. Do you?

People like you do, and then come here to complain. Shut up!


I know what you are saying. I got a bid from the new Rebath company for $24,000.

The salesman wanted me sign right away to get a the discount. I also had a bid from our local bath contractor who has been around for thirty years and does the work himself for $9,000. I showed it to the rebath salesman who said "goodnight" and SLAMMED my door on his way out. He said that I had wasted his time.

These people are just jerks who will not be your friends unless you buy their over inflated products.

NEWS FLASH! I have all the friends I need, what I do need is a new bathroom.


Nothing much similar between the three writings except for their dislike of Rebath: one has passive voice, another has internal punctuation errors, and the other has spelling errors. One is an exact copy of a Bath Fitter complain.

What we should be asking is why there was no explanation or denial from Rebath of these acts? The assumption from all the complaints about Rebath, this is Rebath’s business plan.

Rachael P


We are very sorry to hear about you and your grandmother's experience. We’d like to discuss this with you further.

Please contact the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext.


Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


Why do Hdawne, Insider, Tony and Bad.Bad.Bad. all have the same punctuation and grammatical problems?


The salesmen will tell you anything he can to make the sale. He might promise discount,extra work,free accessories just to name a few.Jobs are priced differently from person to person.If they think you might be a sucker you will be taken advantage of.

Its funny how elderly people with discounts and coupons end up being charged more the average.

The salesmen also misrepresents the product and how it is installed.

Installers are said to have been "trained" and certified by Re-Bath, in fact most have no experience. They have had enough in house training to do the job and that's it.


I worked for Rebath for a few months when I was between jobs. I just hated going to the customer's homes after an installation and they would just scream at me.

I am sorry I only install the stuff.

The quality of the *** you have to talk to the salesman about. I just had to quit.


That is f@@@@up but is just what these Austin Rebath people are know for. They have a bunch of complaints like this.

Start with the easiest, check the permit, and verify the license of the contractors. I can save you time there are none but you will need them for the next step. Contact a lawyer and go to trail with jury. Try asking for half back and if she used a credit card cancel the charges.

They will collaspe like a paper doll house. No contrator wants to stare down a jury with a elderly lady that has been had.

Good luck but you will not need it. Write a letter to the franchior and tell them that you are calling the TV stations.