Seattle, Washington

Rebath installed a new shower in our bathroom that no one can use. I am 5'3" and my head is nearly hitting the ceiling.

They brought the floor of the shower up so high off the ground that it is uncomfortable to get in and out of.

A walk in shower should not be raised up to tub height and so short that only children can use it. Prior to instalation, we were told we would be in constant contact with the company about delivery but they never called except the day they showed up to let them in.

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Rebath Sucks...true customer....Make sure you receive the right parts that your ordered...Incorrect door.Going on two weeks now still no shower door.When you call you often get the run around and do not expect them to return your call.If I had to do it's not worth the trouble.


Hello, this is Aimee of Re-Bath. The work you describe sounds very uncharacteristic of a quality Re-Bath installation.

I can understand that you might prefer to remain anonymous when posting online, but I would like to connect with you so that we can make sure you have a shower that you can enjoy using. Please email me at awilliams [@] or call me 480-844-1575.

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