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The service man dragged a tool across my hardwood floors and left a deep scratch. I talked to him about it and he said it was there before and I told him that I saw him do it.

He got really pissed off and stormed around my house. He tracked mud all across my floors. He then sawed the bathtub liner in my house and left all these small whites pieces everywhere. I called their office and asked for someone to comes to my house to see this mess.

The office man said no one the office that could help me. This is just a terrible job. The worst is a week later the bathtub liner started being squishy and the manager asked me if I used the bathtub to bathe. I thought that was funny but I think he was serious.

He thought that might be the problem and he sent the same workman to my home where he did drain the water now it just snaps when I stand in it. I am afraid to complain anymore to them but this is wrong.

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Tub Liners are not all they do. Pacific Coast Rebath has become a Platinum Franchise within this last year, and are a FULL bathroom remodeling company.

they Do offer the liner system which is what they are know for but their liner systems is just the tip of the ice berg if you are looking for a Full Bathroom remodel with new Vanities, toilets, mirrors, toilets...etc...and as long as their is existing plumbing can do pretty much anything within the bathroom.

totally licensed and insured. 871827


I can assure you that if you called today, you would get the service you deserved the 1st time. my sisters boyfriend works for pacific coast rebath, and so I know that they went through a complete transition with there employees and now currently have a whole new office staff as well as a of crew of installers.

All these installers have YEARS of carpentry; plumbing and construction experience BEFORE even going into this business of bathroom remodeling.They are able to deliver the quality work that the company has grown a reputation for. I know they have had some employees that have been toxic to the company; but one thing I know is that they really do care about their customers and, try their hardest to please everyone...and that isn't easy; and realistically we know that it is impossible...but, nonetheless, they do try, while still trying to make a living and run this business. for being a family ran business; obviously still have to juggle their family into the picture which can probably be very challenging. With So many people showing their true colors it totally makes it hard to pick out the sincere complaints and issue when these other entitled or lazy customers are taking (wasting) so much of their time.

as well as taking advantage of these business owners and Rebath's Life Time Warranty. Well, READ THE WARRANTY PEOPLE!

obviously they go WAY above and beyond what they need to, and I can't believe that people can still be so ungrateful. It *** me off b/c sisters boyfriend works super hard and after a 12-14 hour day; is STILL willing to stop by and check out your backed up drain...which majority of the time is HAIR.

I KNOW this many ppl cant be this helpless or clueless....

but, about your tubliner; THAT is a sincere and REAL issue that is definitely not up to the Rebath Standard. you definitely have a reason to be pissed, but, I know they would want to make it right if given the chance.


After reading all the complaints about Rebath, I will warn everyone I know about tubliners and this horrible company.


The serviceman was unhappy about something. Make him pick up his material and leave.

If you have a problem doing that than get a neighbor to do it for you. There is no reason to tolerate that type of behavior from a serviceman and it will only lead to more bad dealing again when you have to deal with that company again.


This is Aimee of ReBath. I just discovered your post and would be happy to look into the incident you refer to. Please email details to awilliams [@] rebath.com.