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I have a woman and her child from Rebath come to my home and I was feeling sorry for them so I signed a contract to have some work done in my bathroom. I asked my son-in-law abouts it and he said that they was too much money I could gets it done by anyone for half.

I call them the next day but the man said that no one was there and I would have to call back on Monday.

The man that ansewered said that I could not cancel the contractbut I know better and I want my check back. He hung up one me.

I called the bank and took care of things. They should not treat people this way.

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This Aimee from Re-Bath. I see that you were concerned about the terms of your initial contract and how it was handled when you chose to cancel.

We understand that a bathroom remodel is a large purchase decision, and we aim to clearly communicate the terms of any service agreement. If you have further concerns about this issue, I invite you to contact me at awilliams [@] ambath.com.


Send a registered letter. You should not rely on a verbal instruction. It could be they may still sue on the contract.

The buyer may cancel the contract or offer until midnight of the third business day after the day on which the buyer signed the instrument. "Business day" means any calendar day except Sundays and specified holidays.

However, if the contractor has not complied with the foregoing requirements described in bold type, the buyer may cancel the contract or offer at any time until the contractor has complied with those requirements.

A buyer who desires to cancel need not use the form provided by the contractor. In order to cancel, the buyer's notice of cancellation need only be in writing, and need only express the buyer's intent not to be bound by the contract or offer.

The buyer's notice must be sent to the contractor at the address specified in the agreement or the offer. If given by mail, the buyer's notice is effective when it is deposited in the mail, properly addressed, with postage prepaid. The buyer also may cancel by sending a telegram to the contractor's address.

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