Lancaster, Pennsylvania

In response to your pissed off complaints. I do not doubt you had a personal complaint with Rebath and it is great for others to see.

But as I read these complaints it does not mean that every Rebath franchise is the same. Best to contact your local Better Business Bureau and go from there.. There are great Rebath franchises with great employees that are working for their great Boss and for You who are honest and will not take you across.

So please check your Local BBB before you do anything. It always pays to be careful and check the franchise before you make the deal.

Good luck!

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BBb is not effective I have complained and they do nothing


The BBB charges "membership" fees to all companies associated with them. The are not non-profit, and since they accept membership fees from their "clients", they can't honestly claim to be watching out for consumers.

That would be biting the hand that feeds them. Interesting note, I have never seen a non-member with an A+ rating or a paid member with a poor rating...


That is a good idea BUT.......


The Better Business Bureau current grading system inaccurate, bias, faulty, fraud to consumers, FTC should be investigating. - BBB is NOT a non-profit but a franchise that should be closed down by the Federal Trade Commission for defrauding consumers run by BBB / Council of Better Business Bureaus containing more than 100 privately owned franchises loosely controlled by the Council of the Better Business Bureau (CBBB.