East Worcester, New York
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Very poor customer service in Wappingers Falls!!! And I was a potential customer.

Could only imagine how they take care of problems once they have your money. I was yelled at by the person who answered the phone as she proceeded to tell me I had to deal with their franchise and could not speak to anybody else. Guess she was wrong as I am now speaking to a local company. She was very rude and not customer oriented/friendly at all.

There are many other products that are just as good as theirs and in some cases less money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I dont think you understand the franchise system. The local franchise is a representative of the franchiser.

Sue the franchise which you can do in the state you are located in, they will clean it the problem post haste.

They wont travel from Az to NY for some small claims court action. Whoopee you wind.