Rentz, Georgia

Every franchise is individually owned and operated. Waht one ReBath does is not anothers actions.

A company can never satisfy every customer. You must considerth people running the business and what they will do if a situation occurs. If they take action to correct it, then thats what matters. ReBath products are made from Solid Surface Polymer and also have many partnerships around the country wth major corporations.

As long as the care instructions are followed correctly, a person should have no reason to have trouble with correcting a warranty issue. A warranty is in place if a product fails, because once in a while a product will fail, no matter if it is ReBath, Bathfitters or something rm Home Depot. Remember, it is how a product is solved, not the actual problem that counts. As for Aimee being a bad customer service rep and thinking you will get a judgement in your favor, well I doubt that will happen when a judge sees everything you have posted.

You have free speech, however you are comitting defamation against her. If you only knew how Bathfitters products were made and installed, you would not want your name tied to them. What if someone you know has Bathfitter installed and has horrible experience with them? You may want to think about that before you say you had an experience with a company you did not have.

It really doesnt make sense to say that Bathfitters did your bathroom and let them get the business since you think ReBath did such a bad job. Why would ReBath get a positive look on you bathroom if it was so awful? Yes, I own a ReBath franchise and yes I have ReBath in my home. But I have also heard bad things that some dealers do as well.

All I am saying is to please consider the type of person or business you are dealing with and go from there.

Not all ReBath franchises are bad. Like with any othr company, there are bad apples mixed in with ALOT of amazing diamonds!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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The owner never lets anything like facts get in the way of a good story. Have you ever listened to their sales pitch?

They will tell you that you have to immediately get you bathtub repaired because it is causing so much damage.

BUT, it is be six to eight weeks for them to do the repair! So much for urgency!


Where does Rebath get their leads from?

Who do they target and how do they get their customers or appointments?

We never see any advertising for them, but they claim to be doing over 1,800 homes per year here in Denver Metro Areas

So how is this posible if we never see any advertising?


Rebath came by to talk about replacing our fiberglass shower. When the saleman started talking about their solid surface polymer I was amused.

I work with polymer and they are a list of materials which includes synthetic rubber, Bakelite, neoprene, nylon, PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, PVB, silicone, etc.

Most would make a bad bathtub and they are only loosely related to Corian. Rebath does not sale a Corain type product.


They all stink. I've been without a shower for 4 months due to the substandard material and job they did.

They STINK!!

Home Depot stands by them too. I would never use either of them.


The fellow we had out worn this cowboy hat all the time he was in our house. He seemed more interested in maintaining some western persona than talking to us directly.

I asked him some installation type questions and he told me that the installer would have to answer them. I was lead down this merry path and asked could I talk to an installer.

He told me he didn't think that was possible. I told him to get back to us when we could have some answers and he say "He didn't think we were interested in doing the bathroom and said goodnight." I would take this meeting as a red flag.


Saw them at the fair and thought it would work for us but they could not give me an idea of the price because they said it was a custom fit. The salesman entered our home smelling of cigarettes, sat down and spent an hour and a half showing us a book.

Then told us it would cost us $7000. I finally said do you want to see the bathroom? We needed a wall removed and a shower room built which he said their company could not do but we should instll put their "standard package" shower. I should have noticed that the syntax of his language and the homemade tatoos placed him somewhere in the high school drop out range.

Total waste of time but interesting person. He told me that he raised bees and sold plants a the famers market part-time.


There is a reason you are not a Rebath dealer no more. You could not cut it.

Someone needs to open a 55 gallon drum of whip *** and let it fly. Some of us are still trying to make a living out here and someday we do it however we can.


I was a Rebath dealer for a number of years. They get one week of training and out the door they go.

With their Sid training in Phase ! and Phase II. I think Rebath is not a very good product. We had nothing but problems with their liners filling up with water and each time I complained it was somehow my fault.

Well I am happy to be away from them as is a great number of their staff. A real bathtub cost the same as a liner and that is something that will last for years.


Rebath Franchisee Sticks Me with $22,000.00 Debt

Rebath Complaint by Bent Over

You were reading a complaint about Rebath.

Filing a new complaint about

Richard Sasto owns Rebath of Long Island, and Used to own Rebath of Central Florida now Rebath of Mid Florida. I have posted about this complaint before and still have not gotten a response from Richard Sasto the Frnachisee, or Rebath Corporate, the Franchisor.

I worked for Rebath of Central Florida, now Rebath of Mid Florida, back in 2006-2008. During that time I was first hired on as a sales rep only, then because of experience in business ownership I was promoted to General manager with about 6 months. Rebath of Central Florida, now Rebath of Mid Florida, did not have a Manager. Richard Sasto ,the then Franchisee, was an absentee owner. I did a very good job for Rebath of Central Florida, and treated the business as if it was my own. I took great pride in the way the Franchise was operated. I never had access to any bank accounts or cash. All of this was taken care of by Richard Sasto in his New Youk Office.

When it came to marketing I was the one who made the design and layouts, and the billings for ad vertising went to the New York office. I made one terrible mistale. I signed a credit application for Richard Sasto, and Like so many, never read it to see it had a personal guarntee attached.

To be honest, I felt the job I was doing and di, that I felt Richard Sasto was a man of integrity and would always pay his bills. WRONG!!!!

I left the Rebath Franchise, in 2008, to go into business myself, and Richard Sasto decided to sell the Franchise. Rebath of Central Florida is now Rebath of Mid FLorida. When the Franchise was sold, Richard Sasto never paid alot of the debt, and the one that a affected me is the one for advertising , owed to Florida Today, Scripps Publication. That have now secured a default judgement against me for $22,000.00!!! For Rebath of Central Florida Advertising. I was never an Officer, of Board Member, or even on the checking account. I cannot believe to this day, that someone would do this to anyone. I could understand better if Richard Sasto went bankrupt and lost the business, but his is not the case. Richard Sasto sold the Franchis known as Rebath of Central Florida, had to pay off Rebath Corporate for any bal on the franchise he owned, and then made a profit. Richard Sasto to this day still owns a Rebath Franchise in New York.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???? He Failed to Pay his bill and still gets to be a dealer, why so he can do it again. This is the most outrageous thing that i have ever heard of is 35 years of business. I now have this judgement on my credit and it is effecting me buying a home, has caused me great stress and concern for the last 2 years. Why will Richard Sasto not pay the bill?

The same reason that the internet is overwhelmed with Rebath Complaints,

just no INTEGRITY, none what so ever. If anyone would like a copy of the judgement to be sure that this is just not a disgruntled ex-employee, check out the Martin County Fla, Clerk of the Court and Look it up, or E-mail me and I will get you a copy. This is WRONG!!!

Anyone that does business with Rebath needs to to think twice.....Check out the internet


last post was ***!