Vancouver, British Columbia

Do not use Re-Bath.

I compared Re-Bath to Bathfitters at the Vancouver B.C. Home Show and went with Re-Bath as the franchisee promised an earlier completion date.

As per his invoice 09-05, December 11, 2009, which I've paid in full, in fact overpaid on the tax by his error, for work done December 11, that work has yet to be completed and is needing SILICONING and FAUCETS as per the invoice. The franchisee has vanished off the face of the earth, with all numbers defunct, and unresponsive to mail.

That's very very wrong, and no way to run any business.

Do not use Re-Bath.

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Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #376699

In most states the franchisor is responsible for the actions of the franchisee. If not, the brand is worthless.


Which franchise are you referring to?


This is Aimee of ReBath. I am sorry to hear about your experience and want to make sure all work is completed so that you can enjoy your new bathroom. Please email me at awilliams [@] with contract details.

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