Wasilla, Alaska
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The Owner's husband "Randy" is the rudest, most arrogant individual I have ever delt with! His condescending comments, each time I ask him to come out and repair the shoddy work that his installers did, is hard to listen to.

I can't believe that he represents this franchise and that Corporate allows him to carry their name.

Customer service and the way you talk to your customers, along with the quality of your product and installation, can make the difference of weather you stay in business or not. If he worked for me, I would fire him immediately.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I would highly recommend not doing business with Rebath. The crew that remodeled our bathroom did a terrible job and the owner Randy lied and covered up his crews incompetence.

We had to hire a reputable contractor to fix their work. Do not hire this company.


They won't come do an estimate because my husband can't be home when they come. Apparently, since I am a woman I can't do this on my own.

This policy is insulting and makes no sense. A friend told me they do it this way because they want to pressure you to sign a contract and not get other estimates or have time to think about it.

All it did for me was make me look elsewhere. And, of yeah, encourage everyone I know not to contact these clowns.


ReBath Alaska is a joke. DO NOT USE THEM for remodels.


12k bathroom remodel, what a freakin joke! They got me as well with their BS.

Promissed a wow factor, instead got a total bull ***.

I then asked for invoices to prove cost and got no response, only calls calls asking for final payment.

Dont Do It!!!!


Got an estimate and what an attitude when I wanted to get a couple of more estimates.


Randy is so rude and incredibly immature. Your MUST call corporate (800-426-4573) and report him and what happened.

You DO have a life time warranty on the fixtures, and corporate told me personally that if he didn't take care of it, they would. Please call me if you would like (907) 373-7750. They just now finally fixed my issues. I bought my bathroom in August and it is now 6 months later to get it right.

The phone staff, and most of the installers (especially the one that just finished the job - and the ONLY one who knew what he was doing) is fairly pleasant.....it's Randy that needs to go. He's more childish than my 8 year old and I hope that corporate takes care of him.

I feel sorry for his wife....he's running that company into the ground. Word of mouth will kill you!


Had Rebath do a shower for us against my judgement my wife wanted it done. After there car sales man tactics.

She was pressured to sign. They were told of the drain pipes having frezzing problems in the past and said they could fix that. They said they found wet insulation and replaced it. A month later the cold came in and the drain froze and the faucet in the shower stopped working.

They told me that it had a life time warrenty so I went over there and setup an appointment. The owner sat there and did not say a word to me. Later that day they called my wife to say that they will not be coming over it is not there problem. I called back with and got a YA over the phone not even a hello.

I was told he would come over he never showed up.

Went back over there to a rude Randy who started to yell at me and said he will not do anything. For 8000 dollars you think you would get great work not what we got and to add to all of this the color was not even the one we chose they told us that it was the light making it look diffrent.


My point exactly, when lacking any defense blame the customer.

Rachael P

Hi Rrdj,

We’d like to discuss your experience with you further and put you in contact with someone who can resolve any issues you may have. Please contact the Re-Bath customer service department directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154, and we’ll do our best to help resolve your situation.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


i have a bisness of my own, and i wonder how much of this you are to blame? :cry


I hear you, arrogance and rudeness is all they have to work with after they sold you their magic product and you found that it is just cheap plastic walls. How can they repair cheap and low quality?

He should now start telling you that you are the only one that has ever complained. As if, you are expected to accept their low quality work and product after spending thousands of dollars