Allentown, Pennsylvania
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I call re-bath at least 3 times a week and receive no answer from aimee clark, or whatever alias this human *** goes by. the customer service people there(if there is any) could not work the fryer at McDonalds.

I will most likely look for a class action lawyer to get a lawsuit started to re-imburse all customers that get no response to their problems.

anyone who is interested, respond to this post and maybe we can get our money back and then close this company down.they are not a company that should operate in the U.S.A. they belong in India.

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They have 100 's of thousand of faulty installs .

The tape liners they use get water and mold

Under them . Infact now they are selling

Tub replacements instead of liners .

If you purchase the Rebath system you have a

One year lifetime warranty !!! Fact !

Franchises are resold every few years !

Infant Rebath corp was sold two years ago .

They pay a lot of money covering

Negative post ! I would not use this product

Ever again ! It's polystyrene not even acrylic. !

Dura bath is a tub made in china and they

Market made in the USA .

You want a nightmare buy a Rebath system .

I would suggest looking at companies that sell

Acrylic systems and ceramic tile .

Not a franchise . They mask them selves in

Marketing .


If you buy it threw homedepot

You only get a one year warranty

Threw homedepot . Not a real lifetime !!!

They use the wrong cleaner you void warranty .

Anything voids the warranty ! When they re sell

The franchise !!! Do you know how many closed

In the last three years or been flipped ?

Class action is the way to go !


How would you know what their material is made from and where? huh? don't.


RachaelwithReBath is a worm. a slimy worm.

there is no customer service at this piece of *** company. they are worthless *** who steal people's hard earned money.


emailed Aimee at as instructed above by RachaelwithReBath. of course, no answer from this lying, criminal company.

I will be printing up notices to spread around the greater Philadelphia area(population about 6 million people). this company must fix it's wrongs or be put out of business and it's employees out of a job.rachael, if that is your name or a real person, how do you live with yourself and sleep at night knowing you are a lying criminal?

Rachael P


We reviewed your many posts and are sorry you’re unhappy with your Re-Bath experience. I can assure you we take customer service very seriously and would like to discuss your concerns on the phone personally.

Our social media and customer service efforts are staffed by real people and their goal is assist any customer that didn’t have a great experience with Re-Bath. We will do whatever is in our power to help your situation and improve our procedures to help future customers.

You have stated that you have called and could not get ahold of Aimee. Moving forward, we would like to setup a specific date and time for a phone meeting to ensure that our customer service team is fully focused on your situation and concerns.

Please email Aimee at to setup a date and time that works well with your schedule. Our customers are our number one priority, and we would like to help you immediately.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office


We are having the same proplem. We have called at least 5 time and they answer the phone but fail to get anyone to fix or at least look at our Re-Bath tub/shower. It has developed a bubble in the floor that continues to grow with each shower.