Killeen, Texas

While I cannot comment on the Re-Bath franchises in other areas, I can say that the Re-bath in Killeen, Texas is wonderful. The people who came to our house were professional, efficient, and did a great job.

And if there was anything we had a question about they were happy to take the time to answer it. If we wanted something a little different than what they did, they were happy to complete items the way we wanted them. They were respectful of our home and the results were great! People who complain about the price - well, that's what free enterprise is all about.

But generally you get what you pay for. On something as important as plumbing and walls, I prefer to pay for professional work and not look to cut corners to save a dime.

Penny wise and pound foolish is not the route we chose to take on a project that, if done wrong, could create serious structural issues. I can recommend the Re-bath here in central texas to anyone who is looking for professional work done efficiently and correctly.

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Roanoke, Texas, United States #1175990

I think they went out of business


the saleman siad we were getting something like Corian installed on our bathtub walls, rebath SSP. we have corian in the kitchen and what they installed is nothing like corian.

I just refused to pay for it and the saleman came back and told me he said it was "like corian". The salesman is insane, I paid $4800 for some thin cheap looking plastic.

Mulheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #446328

You are mistaken. I am a consumer who is quite satisfied with the work done. Sorry if it was too erudite for you

Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #446316

This complaint sounds like a Rebath ad.

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