Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
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Purchased a tub enclosure and within a few yrs the mold was terrible and the faucet was losing its finish. The office staff were rude and didn't really want to help.

Months later they finally replaced it. Now two years later the caulking is moldy coming away from the enclosure and the faucet is leaking and losing its finish again. Upon calling the office the office manager was rude and telling me she was familiar with my file and that it would be 2 wks before I could get service.

This is a terrible company!! I would not recommend that anyone use this company.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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The salesmen will tell you anything he can to make the sale. He might promise discount,extra work,free accessories just to name a few.Jobs are priced differently from person to person.If they think you might be a sucker you will be taken advantage of.

Its funny how elderly people with discounts and coupons end up being charged more the average.

The salesmen also misrepresents the product and how it is installed.


Although installers are said to have been "trained"

and certified by bath fitter most are NOT. In fact most have no contracting experience. They have had enough in house training to do the job and that's it. $3000-5000 to have a *** in your house?

This is fact as I know installers for the company.

Product Because of the lack of training many products are installed wrong. Walls come away, tubs fill with water between old and new,ceilings fall down, caulking splits, accessories fall off, shower bars fall down. Plumbing fixtures are not aligned with drain. Walls and tubs that have not been measured right are installed anyway.

Existing damage is not always repaired right. only the minimum amount of drywall is taken down even if mold exists behind the wall. soft movable tiles from water damage are often just screwed to the wall and covered up leaving MOLD and MILDEW in your walls!!! remember its a "redressing" not a renovation.

all you old *** is still there its just hidden now. Warranty This is were it sounds great. now try and get them to come take care of the problem. The office is rude and hard to deal with.

Problems take weeks to MONTHS to be fixed and lots of times just happen again. In most cases they try to blame the customer for the problem, as if it was something they did wrong.

Although its free to have your caulking re-done if it gets mildew they usually try and charge you for it. we pay good money we should get good work not crooks!!

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