Phoenix, Arizona

The samples were wonderful. The presentation was professional. Out choices of ALL materials were from their brochures. The base cabinet would be custom-made in Iowa and shipped to Phoenix. We wanted a cast iron/porcelain tub. We were strongly warned against that. Our tub, our choice. Their tubs were favored by the designer. We, also, wanted a tiled tub surround. He wanted full sheeting.

Choice of colors were limited to their brochure for color.

Restaurant Impossible remodels an ENTIRE restaurant for $10,000. The estimate - he would not give a written estimate - presented for our remodel would run us $19,000 + tax for a roughly 6' X 8' hall bathroom.

Rebath is the contractor for Home Depot and they do not use Home Depot products by contract. He, also, was upset at our not signing because we had 2 more estimates to go. I quote "I suppose being in the engineering business you would want another estimate". Crass, rude, whatever it was the end of our dealing with Rebath.

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You got off lucky. Tens of thousands have been scammed by this crooked business.

Surprising that a class action lawsuit hasn't yet happened. It's in the cards, I imagine.

They deserve to die as a corporation.


I just had the same experience as the person before me rude crass know it all telling me it would cost 5k for a new tub and surround when I questioned him he got upset and told me good luck with any other installer... left in a huff lol


Crazy prices to me. I was given a quote (though not in writing and left with me) for a 3 ft by 3 ft walk in shower for over $9000!

Not even the entire lighting...not a walkin shower (that would be $19,000) new anything. There are out of their minds if they think I would pay that!


Was the products gold plated? Really that is too high, it was a mistake he must have just added an extra zero.

Anyway that was just the asking price or you could have acted weird and he didn't want to deal with you. It is the best way out of the presentation than just add on a weirdo tax.


Been in the restaurant business myself, sorry can't remodel a restaurant for $10,000. Carpet ALONE was $5000 in mine.

Kitchens and baths can be expensive in a house, what scope of work were you quoted $19K for? Could be reasonable depending on the job...