Langley, British Columbia

this is a rip off site i want my money back thanks

well i don,t no what is giong on with this but i was getting more messages when i was not a member now i see people are pissed off i should of stuck with speed date or the other one

100 words am i getting rewards for this or ya goin to post this because ya no you are a rip off,well i don,t get it with ya guys to make a fast buck hey correct iam money money money ripoff artists holy cow did you put a block on the system ya got a complaint form ready for every costomer

Monetary Loss: $123.

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Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #250661

I had a freak-a-zoid Rebath dealer file suit on me over some crazy *** Then drop it because he forgot he need to have a case before you sue someone not something he just thought in a paranoid fit. He must have more money that brains. Which in both cases are not much!!


Rebath of Central Florida, owned by Richard S., sold to another individual in a asset sale only. Richard S., franchise owner of Rebath of Central Florida, walked away from paying his companies debts after the sale.

Thousands of Dollars in materials purchased and supplied to customers homes was never paid for. Richard S. owns another Rebath Franchise in Long Island, New York. People should be made aware that He may not pay for materials in New York and customers could have liens placed on there homes by suppliers and workers. Rebath of Central Florida, stiffed one of his former employees with default judgement in the amound of $18,500.00 plus court cost, and attorney fees.

The employee was kind enough to sign a credit application for Richard S., since Richard S. was a absentee owner. The debt is due to Scripps Publication, parent company for Florida Today Newspaper. Richard S. took the profit from the sale of the Rebath of Central Florida sale and skipped out on this debt and thousands of dollars more. Rebath has a very bad reputation of doing this type of thing ikt is all over the internet. And there installations are of poor quality.

Again you can see it all over the internet. This guy Richard S. still qualifies Rebath of Mid Florida with his Master Plumbing license and the person harmed by the debt is seeking that the State of Florida revoke Richard S. Master Plumbing License in the State of Florida. Rebath Corporate knows of this debt problem and states, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM.

Yet Richard S. is a Rebath Franchise Holder still in Long Island New York.

Richard S. should be made to pay off this debt or have his New York franchise taken away. What kind of Franchise owners are you allowing Dave S.? Force Richard S. to pay the debt.

Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #246690

This is a strange complaint. Is this a Rebath dealer?

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