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I know that we did engage the company to do the work.. but, we entrusted them with fulfilling the contract of work done in 1 day. We live and learn, but, please take heed.....

Original review posted by user Jan 22, 2013

Contracted to install in 1 day. Did not happen.

Tub was defective/wrong size, etc etc. No local warehouse for replacement. Had to order from out of Spokane. Waited 1 wk for tub.

High price for the materials used, comparable at other stores having similar products at 1/3 the price. Poor local customer service with poor telephonic response. Stuck to bank finance now with no recourse and unable to nonpayment the bank without resulting in poor credit. Looking at legal action for breach of "done in 1 day" speal.

Mark up is unbelievable. Hard to know what the product is until it is installed in the home.The work looks beautiful, but complaint not with installers, just how we were handled and the contract is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $7300.

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Brinkley, Arkansas, United States #613765

If refused to leave, call the police

Boise, Idaho, United States #601002

Mr. & Mrs. L.,

I recently received notification of the following comments regarding your bathroom remodel in addition to your post here:

“Rebath is in breach of contract. Contract says that the work will be done in 1 day, ours was not. I could not refuse to give the contractor people the "bank generated payment voucher" because they couldn't leave our home without it. I had no bargaining leverage to fix the contractual issue. I will seek advise from a lawyer. The contracted amount of 7300.00 w/taxes was for work to be done in 1 day. We have contacted local REBATH representatives for resolution to the financial part of this whole debaucle, with no resolution or concerned return of telephone calls and will now seek legal advise on breach of contract.”

First and foremost I would like to express my apologies for any inconvenience this particular situation with your bathroom remodel caused. As you may or may not be aware, at the time of your scheduled installation, an unforeseen defect in the drain pocket of your replacement tub was realized causing us to have to reorder the tub. This defect was not apparent to the naked eye, which is why it was not caught in our receiving and inspection process. We mobilized as quickly as we could to get your new tub in (customer manufactured tub, that wasn't available locally) and opened the schedule up to get back out as soon as it arrived.

While we understand this was an inconvenience to you both, it was in no way a breach of our contract with you. We have never in our history of Re-Bath guaranteed a job to get done in one day. Sure, many of our projects get done in one day, as would have yours had we not run into the material defect, but it is by no means a guarantee and per your Customer Agreement, was not in any way part of your agreement. I would welcome any follow up discussion that is necessary with you and/or your legal counsel if for some reason you still feel a guaranteed one-day install was part of our written agreement with you.

Remodeling by nature is inconvenient, but we pride ourselves on making it significantly less inconvenient than the industry norm. Are we perfect, no; but then again who is? And I believe we did everything we could as quickly as we could to finish your project in light of what we ran into that day. All this aside, I still recognize this was an inconvenience to you and your family and I am authorizing a sales discount for the inconvenience you experienced in having us out a second day to complete your installation and this correspondence has been emailed to you.

In over 7 years we have never had a cusotmer react this way to something we obviously could not have avoided. Our prices while not the cheapest are competitive with many reputable remodeling contractors in the region for custom manufactured products some of which contain a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on the product and the installation of that product. This is not comparible in the marketplace.


Chicago, Illinois, United States #599012

That is a lot of money for a bathtub. The best bathtub Kohler makes is $500, they must be charging $750 an hour to install it.

Those finance company require a certificate of completion signed by the home owner.

Do not sign it.

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