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Update by user Jan 21, 2017

An update to this report:

To date, neither rebath o their contractors have muttered a peep regarding their reprehensible conduct.

In essence, they permitted a senior citizen to be seriously injured in his own home.

Their reaction? They ran like frightened children. No, I received not even an apology. Apology?

Staff at the rebath office laughed at me when I told them on tow occasions that their contractors caused my injuries. The VA later discovered that I had a cracked rib. My knee will never be the same. The VA was not so interested in attending to the knee injury.

Money is tight at VA and young men and women fill the schedule with extremely serious amputations and worse. I am 70% disabled by the VA.

So, yes, a person could say that rebath and its contractors injured an elder, disabled Veteran and ran like frightened kittens. It should be clearly understood that which these characters are capable of and that which they are not capable of.

This sort of conduct has become all too familiar in our beleaguered society; damage a parked car, look around to learn if someone witnessed the damage and flee like a chicken if no one saw. Integrity?

I know the definition but find less than none at rebath; only pain for the rest of my life.

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2013

I found rebath in a trailer-showroom which was parked at a home depot. A salesman came to my house. On that day I hired them to install a shower.

The first issue is the accident. The second issue is the quality of work.

The accident: The plumber working for re.bath finished his work. He left the property, failing to return the crawl space-access-cover to its correct position.

The contractor working for re.bath broke a work-light-bulb in the bathroom.

He asked me for a replacement bulb. When I stepped into the hall closet, my right leg stepped-off into the thin air of the crawl-space-opening.

My left leg bent at the knee under my weight and folded up to my rear-end. As I fell, my 230 pound body was forced to the right. The edge of the crawl space access caught my right side, cracking a rib. My upper torso caved-in the wall.

I told the contractor to leave. I drove to the veteran's hospital emergency room for care. The va health-care was the only health care I could afford (free to me because I am 70% disabled, service connected).

Therein began better than a week of agonizing pain of my side. It was torturous to even lower, and raise myself to, and from the toilet. There are no safety-hand rails in a private home. After two years my knee continues to be painful but my side stopped killing me nearly two years ago.

re.bath soon began asking for their final payment. When I told the young people calling me that due to the fall that I had to wait to look at the job because I was in great pain and taking drugs for pain, they laughed at me. Yes; laughed. What was wrong with the male and female callers?

Later, re.bath sent a demand letter for payment. I had no ethical choice but to pay them.

The va appears to be over burdened with Veterans of baby-boomer age and young people returning from armed conflict. The va sent me to physical therapy and issued more pain relievers. At physical therapy they said there was nothing they could do but that I could, "rub it like h___."

With knee pain persisting, they took x-rays and an MRI. An outside consulting firm reported to the va that there was something torn in my kneecap and something "clipped".

In rebuttal, the va physican's assistant in orthopedics ruled that the x-ray showed no damage. The physican's assistant refused to order a second MRI. The va's x-ray showed that a rib had been cracked and had healed.

Two years later I sought private treatment for my knee when becoming eligible for Medicare at age 64. A wonderful primary-care-doctor sent me to a wonderful orthopedic surgeon, the first real doctors seen for my knee. The orthopedic surgeon sent me to physical therapy for several weeks, a three times per week. That wonderful care help strengthen my knee. As my therapist said, the strengthing will make me more comfortable. It has but pain remains. My limp is 95% less though pain is virtually a constant companion if I walk fast.

I talked with an attorney after the accident. He told me what my doctor would have to have documented were he to file suit.

I explained that I was never seen by a real va doctor and couldn't afford to pay for a private doctor. I told the lawyer that the va was done with me.

The two-year window of filing suit recently closed. With no chance of obtaining satisfaction through legal recourse, re.bath has left me with a painful knee and has done no more than laugh at my misfortune which is a direct result of their negligence. Yes, I'm old fashioned and an old man or a person in the last quarter of his life but where human decency and integrity are absent, a void is filled with indignation at any age. Indignation shares this life with pain.

The second issue is one of color matching which re.bath was not informed of.

I saved-up for this job and paid a pretty penny for it. I paid extra for a matching soap and bottle holder for the shower corner. I was in so much pain for so long, I didn't care to really look at it.

In fact, for several months I used a second shower. I couldn't enter the bathroom. The job represented lowly human behavior.

The color difference between shower walls and soap holder is clear to the eye. I've grown accustomed to it after two years. Should I have called re.bath and complained? Yes, but I could not bear to look at a reminder of re.bath nor bear to speak to them. As a side note, the contractor left me a tube of caulking and instructed me in how to apply it to the shower pan.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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I had them install a liner and a year latter I had a plumber go under the house. They did not hook up the drain and just let it flow under the house.


As the Owner and President of this independently owned and operated Re-Bath Franchise we regret to find such a post on this website and are acknowledging this post by this individual; and while our initial assesment is that this review contains mis-statements and partial truths, we are formally reviewing this project and will provide a formal response upon the completion of that review. -S.S.


If owner and pres regretted this post, I never heard a peep from day one to date (11-15-2014). I presume the formal review is a far reaching and exhaustive because I've not heard from rebath since their tow people laughed at me over the telephone.

I certainly would VERY MUCH enjoy seeing evidence of "mis-statements and partial truths" submitted in this report. That comment likely speaks volumes for readers. My leg is still messed up today. One miniscus remains torn and a 2nd remains what the medics refer to as, "sheared".

Is my knee painful? Of course it is!!! I've limped since the day rebath left the crawlspace access hatch open and I fell in. I'm now a 67 year old (70%) disabled American Veteran.

I'm Very proud of that but as you might guess, am Not proud of rebath's conduct. Clerks in retail stores demonstrate infinitely more respect to Veterans than rebath. I don't know how those at rebath can sleep well. I don't sleep well. Pain is a virtual constant companion.

I'd also enjoy very much if rebath challenged that assertion. I have PROOF!


Sounds like a competitor


No, I am NOT a competitor; I am a rebath VICTIM !! Provide proof that I am a competitor or remove that libelous accusation.


Just occured to me, submittor admittedly hails from Las Cruces, New mexico?? Quick Quiz: Where is rebath based?

Answer: Tempe AZ. Oh yes.


Reflecting back, this "suggestion" that I am a "competitor" is not at all surprising given how rebath responded when i was injured and since: NO RESPONSE!

Informed of my injuries, rebath agents LAUGHED at me.


The assertive approach as to say, "you're a joke".

Well, this man is a VICTIM of rebath but in no way is a JOKE.