Ojai, California

Rebath did a remodel on our bathroom in 2010. We have been unable to use the bath or shower do to no water coming from the faucet.

We have called them 5 times and they have sent a technician to repair the problem. As of today we called again no water coming from the tub faucet. They can't seem to figure it out. Were waiting for a call back for a another technician to come again.

Of course they may or may not call. It would be nice for that bathroom to be fixed.

Good think we have another bathroom. Do not recommend then.

Monetary Loss: $4700.

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the valve is probably installed upside down.


Glad we found this site. Thanks for the heads up.

My wife wanted to call these people after seeing their ads.

I wasn't sold.


I wanted to get rid of one of those safety tubs that I had in the bathroom. That was my mother’s and it didn’t benefit us.

It just wasn’t practical for us. In order to remove it, I wanted it done within a timely manner without so much restoration. Then I heard about this company on the internet. I chose them because they’re advertising that they can do it usually in a day or two, the factor that I was looking for because I wanted a product that is able to be installed in a short length of time.

And that’s what I wanted. What I got was three months of waiting, mis-orders, and excuses.