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I do not complain but I wish I had seem this website before getting involved with Rebath or Home Depot.

They work for Home Depot and a company interested only in what they can sell and to h@@@ with the customer. They have such a reputation for poor after sale service that I did not find out about until after I had hired this firm. They are quick to collect your $$ and once they do, they do not return calls when corrections are requested. Just try to get a call back from these guys is impossible! My bathroom was completed in one day OK (big deal) but they left an awful mess in the house, the walls were misaligned, there was missed caulking and the bottom wasn't even level. The water pools in one corner. They even had the nerve to say that they can not understand why I am complaining about the problem since this was their best man. I suggest anyone contemplating a bathroom refit to get quotes from a reputable tile guy and forget about Re Bath and Home Depot. They are rip off artists who spend a ton of money on advertising then the h@@@ with the customer. I called Home Depot and they just passed me back to Rebath.

I am pissed and I am embarrassed.

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I see Statewide Remodeling posting here in effort to snag some business. They are no better.

I had a HORRIBLE experience with them.

Search for rip-off reports related to "Statewide Remodeling" and you will see what I am referring to. They terminated a contract at their will (because it is written in their favor of course), keeping Customer's $1200 down payment and providing absolutely NOTHING in return.


This is just sad to see this happening to you folks. We here at Statewide Remodeling which services the Home Depot in Dallas and Austin just would not let this happen.

I am the owner of Statewide and I am always available to take your call and see that the work is done right. We just do not have the complaints like these other companies. That is not to say that we are get it right - but we make it right.

That is what makes a great company to do business with. Thank you for your time.

@Statewide Remodeling / Home De

Your firm is the worst. Terrible sales tactics and shady bait and switch moves. I am making it my mission in life to drive you guys out of business.


I talked to the Re-Bath dealer and he told me someone named Lori Lund has something to do with the Home Depot for Re-Bath. I called Re-Bath twice and left a voice mail for her but I have never hear anything.

I also talked with the store manager and he said that all of that is contracted to vendors and the store has nothing to do with it. Good luck getting anyone to help you with your Re-Bath.


I know as a installer for Home Depot that they will do what ever it take to fix a problem and make sure the customer is happy. They have paid me for repairs from other installer just make the customer happy.

Home Depot just doesn`t walkaway from a customer. Go to your local store and ask for a DSM or store manager call customer care at home depot they can help.


Nancy, I am not sure of your meaning. When I walk into a McDonalds in Cleveland and when I walk into a McDonalds in San Diego I exspect the same hamburger.

Are you trying to tell everyone that a bad experience awaits anyone who uses Rebath because that is what seems to be the common thread? Are you saying that Rebath is just a name that some business people use and the experience is completley different depending on the franchise (which in my thinking does not make it a franchised product if each is different)? What value then is your national brand? I would think you would rather be John Smith Remodeling and not pay the franchise fees nor deal with the complaints that seem to follow some of your brothers if you are just a better Rebath type than all the others.

I don't think that Rebath franchisees think of themselves as evil but for the most part just not very good trades or business men. Holding yourself out as someone who has skills when you don't is fraud so maybe all of you are evil.


Please remember that Re-Bath franchise's are independently owned and operated. We take great pride in our products, customer service and workmanship. We are not all the same.


complaints about rebath


I am considering a Rebath option currently. This looks to me like an installation issue more than product.

Who did they work? Where do you live?


Hi, this is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; I would like to look into this a bit further for you. Please send an email to tinzley_care@homedepot.com