Paxton, Massachusetts
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Re-bath of Framingham installed a new tub and walls yesterday. During installation a main wire was cut while cutting out the existing tub.

It took the man over an hr just to get a return call from the boss. They had no phone number in case of a problem. She spoke with me and basically said they would pay for 1/2 the repair even though we had nothing to do with the damage. My husband had to go get the stuff to fix the wire before they could finish the job.

I felt she should have offered to pay 100% of the cost since it was thier fault. If they were not responsible who was? Did not cover the carpets completely I had to keep adjusting the material they used to cover the area of the stairs and bottom floor. Men were nice, but the response from the upper management spoke volumes to me.

$5,000 was the price dont you think they should have repaired the wire? I DO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebath Installation.

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