Not able to get forth worker to make an appointment to repair this consent leak which flows to room below thru light fixture causing more damage. No one will give me name of owner or phone number I can user to reach National office in order to get action.

The room below leak is also being damaged which may be between walls and hidden. This will cause mold which will be a health problem.

Any company that is afaid to reveal owner or phone number must be hidding a lot of problems to cuatomers. How do you get a license revolked to close the business.

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I'm sorry if we ever missed your calls but we at the office have still not heard from you about this issue. We currently have no issue existing or pending in relation to what you are discussing above.

Please give us a call at 205-623-3080 or email us your problems at info@alabamarebath.com and we'll be happy to resolve your issue.

Again, please contact us as I'm looking out for your memo so we can get whatever issue you have immediately resolved. Thank you


Hi my name is Andrew Wells and I do run the office here in Birmingham. I am sorry you are going through this but we have never received a call from you or anyone in regards to a constant leak.

All of our service issues at this point are already resolved and any calls in regards to any issues are typically resolved within 3 to 7 days depending on the time of year. I wish I had your name or phone number so we can look you up and address this issue immediately.

Here's what we can do, please call the office at 205-623-3080 and we can write up a service request and have you immediately taken care of. If for some reason you are not getting a response, email info@alabamarebath.com which goes to the whole office, including myself.

We will ask you for a copy of your original agreements because sometimes customers of our competitors call us thinking we are them. However, many times, your name and address can suffice for us to look you up in our records.

From there our production manager will give you a call to schedule a time to either look at the problem or if we feel like we have enough information to resolve it immediately, we will send a technician. So please reach out to the information above immediately so we can resolve your request.

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #659391

Andrew Wells. You can find everything you need to know from the state. You also get his home address so you can drive over there if he does not answer his telephone.

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