Mesa, Arizona
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I am unable to give a review of a purchase as I am unable to even see the product at one of their showrooms. I drove to the Mesa AZ showroom and there was a sign on the door that it is only open by appointment.

I called the number and asked if they could send someone out to the showroom to allow me to see the product, and the person on the phone said "No", and that perhaps I could return Sat. I then asked if the Peoria AZ showroom was open, and recieved the same answer "no, try Saturday". I asked for information on the Scottsdale store which was listed on the website and was told that that location had been closed for over a year. I pushed the situation and asked the phone person to call a manager to see if we could see the showroom today as I had already driven from Scottsdale to Mesa.

She did not return my call after 40 min so I called back to receive the answer "Noone is available today". I am sceptical of theis company just from the poor experience I had on the phone.

Their phone info and their website needs to be updated or they need to honor what they have advertised.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We visited a showroom and this young woman won't look up from her book and said a salesman would have to come to our home to let us know what it costs. I asked what was the cost of the exact same one we were looking at.

And it was she didn't know. I guess she was there to stop anyone from stealing the dusty junk.


Had similar experience at Peoria Showroom we too visited in Janurary and everthing seemed great .NICE lady showed us around and gave us many ideas and represented the company as established and proffessional. We hadnt yet closed on house and came back And finally came back to look at product and set a free home estimate and gentle there couldnt even do that.

When I asked him about company and what was going on he was clueless. Who is running this business.

Something is defenitly not right. Im outta here.


WE went into there Showroom in Peoria in early mid Janurary and a very knowlegable helpful woman helped us informing us of products and made us feel they were a good company. We went back and place was closed appointment only.

So This week we notice there open again with very limited hours and a new man is there who hasnt a clue whats going on or even what the products are in his store. Obviously a stand in. NOT FEELING TO CONFIDENT about this place. Ask if there was another Showroom and man claimed yes in Mesa but hes not sure if anyone is there .

Well that doesnt sound to reasuringof a good company. Glad I wasnt ready to make appointment Somethings unsettling and unproffessional about a buisness that cant keep quality staff or doors open.