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We had considered becoming a Rebath franchise and went to their open house at their office in Az. The cost was low around $12,500 but they wanted another $40,000 for a mobile showroom which was crazy. I met Dave Sander who in my impression is a smug little man. We consider ourselves to be his customers and to be treated as such not a lowly employee of his. We have been in business for over thirty-five years and they just were not in the same mind set of providing the level of service that we have built our business on. I am happy for them they can do the work in a day but we do it right even if it takes more time. I see that we were right after reading all these reports and others on the Internet. We found Liners Direct and they charge no franchise fee or royalties for a dealership and we can continue to provide the service that we are known.

Ray Goldenberg are you calling someone out into the street for a throw down? I would fire you on the spot. I can see there is something to the complaints given your attitude. There is so much difference in what companies consider worthwhile. We have always went with the idea of building lifetime relations with our customers. I just don't understand Rebath attitude and I am glad I don't.


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This company is a joke here in Wyoming, a bunch of under qualified contractors and lackies when it comes to management. The owner is a retard and his guys have no experience at all.

I have a few friends that used them and all they do is complain. All three of them have had numerous repairs from leaky this or that.

They can't even install a toilet properly, and they are not even plumber but do plumbing.
Pissed customer...... :(

They want a lot of money for $200 of plastic


I have worked worked at Tampa Bay Re-Bath for over 8 years. I have worked with several franchises and every major

acrylic remodelers. Jim Bennett has by far the best company I have worked for.

I am in charge of service and I assure you we take care of any problems that may occur. My job is to return any service call within 24 hrs and to schedule any repairs at the earliest ***-vience of the customer. Our referral rate has to be one of the best in the country.

Not all are alike. I'm pround to work for Re-Bath Tampa Bay.


Monte Marenzo, Lombardy, Italy #251740

I was looking at buying a business in central texas and the broker was pushing to buy a Rebath that was for sale by the owner. After looking at it, it was just hard to see where you could make any money doing the Rebath.

Cetra Pro was equally as bad.

So stay away from franchises like this. We ended up buying a spetic tank installation company that had in the family for 30 years and that has really worked out for the both of us.



We appreciate you taking the time to recognize the quality work that Re-Bath franchisees do, but we're sad to hear that some of our franchisees aren't living up to the Re-Bath standard of quality. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

If you have a specific issue with a franchisee experience, please contact Aimee Williams (she is a real customer service associate in our corporate office in Tempe, AZ) directly at (480) 844-1575 ext. 154 or by email at and CC me (

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office

Amsterdam-Zuidoost, North Holland, Netherlands #203868

The personal stuff should be left out of this. Nobody wants to read that.

I've had lots of experience with rebath, and it really is a function of the local franchise owners and rebath in tempe, arizona.

I never heard of an actual person named "Aimee" dealing with customer complaints. The rumor is that the name is used by dave sanders and his assistants robin and heidi to monitor complaint sites. Well, if that's true at least they are reading complaints. That's a good thing because in my experience rebath couldn't care less about customers - and any problems that come up, they just refuse to get involved with. And they will always just say the customer needs to deal with the local franchise owners.

As for the local franchise owners, just like in any business - some are good people, some are clueless people, and some are people that you shouldn't trust to hold your can of coke for 3 minutes.

The good ones hire honest salespeople and make sure that installations are done well. When there are problems, they take care of them. While i was there, i heard generally positive things about tampa bay and cleveland being 'good' on these things.

The clueless ones simply do whatever rebath tells them to, and then when there are problems - they don't know what to do. And that's when rebath says "you deal with it, it's not our problem". Places like boston, philadelphia, san diego seemed to be mentioned as this type of operation.

And the last bucket - places like los angeles, colorado, florida, salt lake city, connecticut, and new york. Huge turnover of employees as they didn't care about having good/honest salespeople or talented installers. A quick look on the net reveals many details about these places. There is one blog out there about los angeles which is actually painful to read.

as always, buyer beware.


I saw these guys at the Sunbelt Builders Show and was thinking about this as an add on business. Then I picked up a trade magzine and saw liners direct in Chicago which is the same thing but it does not cost a dealers fee.

Then I found this website.

Folks listen up a fool and his money can be parted from the contractor and consumer side. It seems like from here there are not too many real contractors entering this business.


Ray, you are an *** and whats wrong with ReBath. Suck Syds *** much?


yup, you can count on Dave Sanders to care about you as much as he cares about nothing other than his own ego strokes. I got a franchise, mostly its horse *** that they peddle.

They do in fact have the best bath remodel system of its kind in the market though. Unfortunately, the leadership from Dave down is rife with lies and deceit and completely *** with regards to any professional accumen as the last "conference" showed.

They could care less about their franchises really. They are still mostly about their commercial work and they will throw their franchises under the buss in a heart beat for a commercial job.


Re-Bath has a 30-year history of bathroom remodeling. We’re proud of that history, and we do stand behind the experience that our national franchise network provides.

I would be happy to address any questions you have. You can reach me at awilliams [@] or 480-844-1575.


It maybe hard for some brain washed franchisee but the total that Rebath or Bath Fitter occupies in the market is only .0001% You will never find this type of product in a new home. A quick look in any telephone book will show at least a hundred tile companies for each of these companies.

This is just a fad until the next miracle product comes along and displaces it like Ahqua which gives a one day installation with real tile. Rebath has gone the route of converting itself into a walk-in bathtub company or a full service bath remodel contractor so they must see the writing on the wall. So, I do not see the question if Rebath sells it franchisees that cover the entire state.

They can only sell the right to sell their product not sell the right to remodel a bathroom. They may wish but they are not Omnipotence.


Stone Creek Tiling:

You wouldn't have bailed because someone else already bought most of your state would you? Na, that couldn't be the case of course, but I do know Shane.


Let me assure anyone reading this: I am NOT a competitor with Rebath. I was a potential customer who was treated like *** by huge loud sales rep because I had to "think about it".

Myself and other people have written about our similar experiences on the other blogs and Mr. Goldeberg called us "cowards" in one reply and sarcastically thanked us for wasting his time in another reply. Read it for yourself if you don't believe me.

His big claim to fame is his "honesty". Ha!


Let me assure anyone reading this: I am NOT a competitor with Rebath. I was a potential customer who was treated like *** by huge loud sales rep because I had to "think about it".

Myself and other people have written about our similar experiences on the other blogs and Mr. Goldeberg called us "cowards" in one reply and sarcastically thanked us for wasting his time in another reply. Read it for yourself if you don't believe me.

His big claim to fame is his "honesty". Ha!


Don't worry you would never make it as a

ReBath dealer. When your competion is posting junk about you ,I have been in the linner business for 10 years and found out that these posts are rarely from customers, mostly from my competion.

When someone has a problem go adress it with people not the Internet. I doubt you would fire me . You would want an employe who speaks the truth, and defends the people who I work for. I have written over 10 million in liners.

29years as a police sgt.

I have never had to hide, I do post my name and I'm very proud to work for the best bath company in the WORLD! Re Bath


Good for you Simon16, I did the same thing.

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