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Re-bath of west Texas has not lived up to one promise that was made. The estimator Heath promised that the company would call at least one week before the job was started so I would have time to remove the commode and my mother would not have to be without for any length of time.

Of course this this did not happen. The estimator also examined everything and said there would be no problems. It has been months and they refuse to finish the job after I called the police on their worker who assaulted me. The owner Rodney keeps hanging up on me.

When they started they kept leaving the door open and I kept shutting it. It was over 90 outside. The workers never got any information from the estimator and did the job wrong to start with and they had to replace 2 walls. Well they screwed up one of the replaced walls and had to do it again.

Yes they kept leaving the door open. Last week they were supposed to finish the job and the worker left the door open and it was around 40 outside. When I complained again he yelled he didn't need that kind of disrespect and charged into me as he left, nearly knocking me down. His name is Brandon Bowles.

I think this man is dangerous. The police refuse to do anything without a complete name and address which the owner said he would provide and then declined. He also said he would press charges against me for false imprisonment because I did not get out of his workers way before he hit me. I had no time to move and was in shock that a worker would do this.

That is when I called the police. He refuses to finish the job and will not even contact me. When I was trying to get this resolved he just hung up on me. I have a call into corporate and they said that he would be in touch.

Nothing has happened. The last information I have from them is that they would never come back without police protection for their employees which I think is absurd because I was the one attacked. This is also a new condition not in the contract they refuse to honor. They have not fulfilled a single promise as to time or quality.

The job is still not finished. Because of this the guarantee is void. I believe the lifetime guarantee is worth more than half the price of the remodel. Called corporate.

They got me in touch with Rodney again and he threatened me again if I contacted him again and hung up. I called corporate back and they now refuse to help.

I would never have anything to do with this company. They have very good ads but that is all.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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They do have an attitude that can be described as Texas arrogance. You should accept whatever *** they offer you with humility and deference.

They said it all, the best worker they can find is someone who cant get a job in the oilfield.

The oilfield will hire anyone.


Duhhwayne, Yes we had problems on your mother's job, I will be the first to admit that. However your tale of horror is not quite accurate.

You were notified 7 full days in advance of our install date.

Our installer did make a mistake and he apologized. His mistake was not one of sloppy craftsmanship, but of what you might call a hearing problem. In your contract the drawing of your bath clearly stated how the walls were to be installed.

That drawn and written description was for the plumbing wall the end wall to wrapped from floor to ceiling around to the cabinet at the rear of the shower and 2" beyond the back side of the plumbing wall, by the toilet. When you and the installer went over the contract, your words to him were "yes I want the wainscoting to extend back to the cabinet and around the toilet back down to the sink"(we spoke you agreed you said this). His mistake was taking you literally(the installer ended the full floor to ceiling walls in the center-end of the end and plumbing wall, with the intention of running wainscoting half way up the wall for the remaining distance), which he should not have done and for the mistake we apologized and ordered you new walls. It did take two weeks to get the walls in, and when we got the walls in we installed them immediately as well as the custom shower door we had ordered.

At that time we installed the safety bars and a Delta U6300(which was listed on your contract) hand held clip that mounts to the safety bar. Job was caulked in and finished. You were unhappy with the U6300 so we order for you a Delta RP48771 hand held bracket at no charge and promised when it came in we would be back. When the part came in we sent someone to install it.

That is when you had an incident with Brandon. The reason the police would not do anything to him is because he did nothing wrong. He waited for the police to arrive, they interviewed you and him and they did nothing. You trapped a man in the bathroom to scream at him because he left the door open, he and every other worker in your mother's home closed the storm door every time it was used.

So he exited your home without installing the new hand held holder. That is the only thing left undone. Your mother has a very safe shower, with pretty wainscoting.

As a side note: We try very hard to please every customer.

We have several great installation crews who have stuck with us for many years despite the lure of more money in the oilfield. They are good people who would not intentionally do poor work. They are people and they make mistakes, however. All we ask in that instance, is to please be patient.

Sometimes we have to order more material, but you will always be our number one priority as soon as that item arrives. No one can be perfect every time out, we honor our warranty! We make a promise to every customer, I have probably said these word 3000 times, "If we make a mistake we will fix it, as long as you will let us back in your home." In 7 years this is one of four(this job in Monahans-2013, one in Odessa-2012 we messed up a corner shower royally and could not stain cabinets to match, one in West Odessa-2011 bad measuring, bad caulking, poorly set tub, and one in Midland-2012 sloppy wall installation that was fixed and bad floor tile work that we could not get right, badly installed wall mount sink fixtures, ugly counter top with ugly vessel bowl) jobs I have not been let back in, while those seem to be good numbers, I still remember all four by name and address, and when I drive by one of their homes I am ashamed. If there are any customers who have ever done business with us at ReBath of West Texas our number is 432-848-4300.

If you think or feel something is not right please call us, we will not hesitate to get someone out to visit with you and try to resolve any problem.


The original estimator did contact me wanting to finish the job and wanting the final payment. But since the owner Rodney has told me on separate occasions that he will not honor the guarantee I refused unless I had a letter signed by Rodney stating he personally would guarantee the job and an apology for the assault.

I also refused to pay the last 20 percent. The workmanship is sub par and already the calking is cracking. The caulking in some places is an inch wide. They seem to fix their mistakes with large amounts of caulking.

I don't think the workers know how to use a tape measure or they simply don't care. This maybe because they mainly work for older people who have poor eyesight and they have gotten complacent with shoddy workmanship.