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Ive had a horrible experience with this comanies employees. Specifically one, Lisa Kay Billy Williams.

She has stollen from my family while sitting with them. What she doesnt take she begs for telling a sob story to get what she can. She has gotten well over $20,000 from a previous patient before he died his kids backed out of suing her for some reason. This isnt even the tip of the iceberg the list goes on and on.

This company just seems to think its okay. She gets talked about all in Antlers and the police hate seeing her they said she has a file thicker than most teenagers in this town. She beat a poor girl not long ago and then went to another ladies house thats a mousey school teacher to fight her because she just didnt like her. Im not sure why she keeps getting away with these things.

Seems this company needs to re-evaluate this employee. Im tired of the stealing something needs to change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Stigler, Oklahoma

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If you join a church or have relatives it can be safer. I know this gal Marica who lives in my house, works as a HHA/CNA but her off hours behaviour is atrocious.

She just hates on people based on the derma and I want to ask if thats the color of her heart. She is reformed and she will be high on meds but I am not sure from whom. And there are women here she is very chummy with not just becuz of derma or hood but because of meds exchanges.

To protect her connections she is mean as sin and sits outside on the patio all night in her lousy CNA uniform gooking out on her phones. You would never believe she was defective but I do now and glad to alert others.