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We picked up a kitten from Amy and walking into her living room there were over 17 cats and kittens in cages and few on the floor and this did not include about 10 or so others she supposedly had somewhere else in her small house. We also found out on entering she breeds maine coons which was not advertised on the website, there was a sick maine coon in a cage in the back and a mom with a new litter in the front.

She sold us a mink (which is not in conforming with ragdoll standards), and even though I hated to give her business I know ours will be safer with us than someone else potentially. Purebred or not he is still sweet and although he came down with an eye infection two days later (appeared that multiple cats were sick), he will at least get the vet care he needs. Maybe she never intended to get over her head but she clearly is as the place was filthy and the animals obviously need proper vet care. She also disclosed to us on our way out how she had 42 kittens born on the property just this summer.

Just writing this so if anyone is planning to buy from Amy, think twice. Pretty sure she's running a kitten mill. She doesn't even seem to be that interested in actual ragdolls which wad a huge red flag to me. Plus, she said she used to breed dogs too and would rather be doing that.

Regardless of your stance on mink dolls (nothing personal against them since we have one and I absolutely love him), just want anyone reading this to know that even if you want a mink and live in Montana, buy somewhere else! Don't support this unethical business.

Location: Bozeman, Montana

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Sarah M Ghq

Wow! And you still bought the kitten????

And now you're surprised it was sick??? Are you not very smart?

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