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i have played PCH slots and all the other games they offer so that you buy there magazines for years! i finality won two hundred and fifty dollars on the shell slots game and it totally ignored that i had won.when i tried to register a complaint it said i entered my pass word wrong and immediately removed my registration.i feel sick that they would have to treat there customers that way.has anyone else had the same problem and what can be done about it?I tried to call but they are on the east coast and im on the west coast so there is a time difference.ill try to get a hold of them tomorrow!

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332 of 397 Publishers Clearing House reviews

Jan 28 #1277629

I have discovered something in all the pch slot games. Something I know they hope we don't notice. But after I discovered this, I started looking for it in every single slots game and sure enough it was in every single one. They have it rigged so that nobody can win or that it's only on their terms!!! I can prove this by explaining to you that when you play each game, each line should have the pch van ( because if you get the pch van straight across your a winner.. I think now it's changed to an instant win sign) but as the lines spins .. watch very closely. I promise you can see it. Not every single line has the pch van ( or instant win symbol) and how can anyone ever win if the winning symbol isn't in every line? They can't. This is somewhat difficult to explain but anyone that has played the pch slots game knows that there are 7 different games. And each game you can win a different amount of money. The first game is 250$ the second is 500$ so on. Some have 3 lines and some have 5 lines but even the ones that have only 3 lines, you can still watch the lines closely as they spin and notice that one of those lines does not have the winning symbol. (As the lines spin around one of those lines is missing the winning symbol so therefore it can't land on the symbol if it isn't there). Everytime you hit SPIN you will notice that it will be a different line that doesn't have the winning symbol. So, how can anyone win? They can't. I believe it's FIXED this way so that nobody can... Show more

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Dec 30, 2016 #1262974 Houston, Texas, United States

I have been there twice. 3 months ago I got all three gold pots on the slots, I should have won 2500 dollars. I also did it this morning. Same as last time...nothing. imagine that.

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Jan 12, 2016 #1093270

I Have won twice on the pch cash casino app. $10 each time. Got the money and used it so they are real to an extent. I don't know about fair tho. And don't forget they are banking money from all these ads you have to watch.

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Oct 24, 2015 #1053285

Win loot said I ordered lip stick...I'm an sixty year old man?! Why to they send me a bill???? Time to delete this URL...

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Jul 16, 2015 #1008408

It's unfortunate that most ppl have complaints about pch. I on the other hand have won $10 on a scratch off and was actually awarded my check. Keep hope alive

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Mar 10, 2015 #956573

PCH is real. They make money from commissions on all the stuff they advertise for other companies, plus they probably get paid per views of those repetitive commercials they run on the internet (between the games). But because of the number of mailings they have (millions per month) and the number of online games with embedded commercials (millions, probably billions of views per month), your odds of winning are astronomical. I haven t won in PCH lotto...but I have won the smaller prizes...TWICE! The total was for just under $200, but at least I won.
The bottom line is this: For mailings, look the items over, pick out something you d like but then visit Walmart, Dollar Tree or Dollar General, where you can usually get the exact same items much cheaper (although you d burn up extra gas trying to find them).
Online, just play the games and have fun. As for the tokens and prizes, just let them pile up or use them if you wish. If you really do win a prize, look at the wording carefully - if it really says "You have won!" then take a screen shot, save it and print it out as proof. If it says "You have won...a chance to be entered" or "a chance at winning..." then that s all you have - a chance.
Remember, money you earn or save or are given is real. Everything else - including PCH - are pipe dreams. The big difference is that PCH doesn't cost anything (other than an occasional stamp, time and the cost of electronics and internet that you already are using).
... Show more

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Jan 09, 2015 #928392 Denton, Texas, United States

I did a scratch off game, it said I won 500 tokens due to 500 x 3 matching, but I also scratched off three matching 750 cash. It gave me the tokens but acted like the three matching cash wasn't even there.

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john w

Oct 08, 2014 #881890 Wadsworth, Ohio, United States

i actually won $5.00 amazon e-gift card about one month ago on the newest site where they have the board that you use your tokens from pch slots. so it is possible to win, i have never won on any other pch site though.

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Big Steve from Houston

Oct 21, 2013 #731436 Houston, Texas, United States

You are not playing a real roulette, real bingo, or any other real game. I don't know how the outcomes are decided, but it is more like a scratch ticket in that all of the outcomes are possible, but almost all outcomes will be the lower paying ones.

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Apr 06, 2013 #633595 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Among many things ,I can never get enough spins in the slot to get enough bonuses to win anything. And the Spam I'm slammed with now is a pain in the ***.

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Apr 15, 2013 #637793

Did you ever read the rules on that game? Even if, by some miracle, you do manage to get all "cash bonus" slots filled, it is only get you the right to be entered into a drawing. And said drawing is done only once per year. So pch will have you play lotto, slots, bingo, etc all year long and most likely for nothing but entries into drawings that are just about impossible to win. Even the pch games site is designed the same way, you will sit and play games, be barraged with ads and ultimately earn "tokens" that can be redeemed only for a chance to be entered into drawings that take place once a year. Any of the "instant win" games are just an incentive to get people to come to the sites owned and operated by pch. ***, they will even pay out some 5.00-250. winners sometimes, but that is about it. The fact is that the more traffic they can get to their sites, the more chances of sales. But more imporatntly, pch puts themselves in a no loss position! Why? Because the more people using their sites and servers the more valuable the sites become because the sites ratings go up thereby making sites valuable to buyers of info and possible leads. PCH is mainly an "affiliate marketing" program/scam.

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Jan 28, 2013 #600078

I have played and played, and never hit any thing but tokens. I entered drawings with my tokens and never won. I would be happy to just win 5 dollars, and actually get a check. I am with the guy who said that the chances are astronomical of never hitting money on the roulette wheel, but I hit the lose a turn way more often, and I have yet to hit money

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Jun 20, 2012 #498951


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Jun 20, 2012 #498950


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Jun 20, 2012 #498949

all i want to no are WE LIVING IN VAIN

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Paula C. Bartoo

Feb 26, 2012 #437616

In the very beginning of playing slots I also
won a $$ prize that I have yet to see. Then
today, I was not given my diamonds that I had
gotten yesterday so my first slots game started out with zero diamonds. I also think it is rather obvious that my snow shovel lotto
has the exact same numbers EVERY DAY. Also, the odds of coming up without winning money on the roulette wheele are astronomical yet
it happens every day. Is the PCH exempt from
being overseen by the US Gaming Agency?? I have boughton quite a few items from PCH over
the past few months but last month I received an E-mail telling me that in-as-much as I hadn't boughton anything, I could be dropped from the sweepstakes!!! Do you people even know what your are doing or what you are saying to people...especially in-as-much as
you advertise that one hasn't got to order anything to play!!! It was insulting and also didn't make you look very tuned into how
often a player actually orders something!!

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Feb 12, 2012 #428059

I cannot even start the slots game. I have registered and everything but how do you start!

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Jan 06, 2012 #404360

I have been playing PCHSlots a long time today while using my diamonds to spin it stopped on the $100 pink spot.I was told to wait while they processed my winnings,but nothing happened then the Search and Win window opened and that was the end. I don't need the window because I use the Search and Win page I use the Search and Win Bar on my home page. Help L! :?

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a winner

Feb 16, 2015 #946462 Visalia, California, United States

I had the same thing happen to me I was playing the roulette game and on the chart it says if you land on a certain number in my case I landed on the green zero that applys to the 1000 dollar prize PS not tokens but actually money and it just took me to the pch search window and that's it no prize no nothing just false hope a feeling of giddyness and that's it!!!!!!!
I think it so unfair that they have us waste our time and lie to us about these games while they take money from us rather then follow by there own rules and guide lines

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