Shady rip off wire harness artist, bad customer service, harness wires get very hot, constant burning smell, injectors stop transferring power after harness gets hot. Tried to call but get a bad attitude and the guy trying to upsell me every time I call, Should have used a more reputable company. This guy works from his house and acts like a player, I cant get my money back so Im going to warn people of this crook, he has the word *** in his company name PSI *** Version.com. I should have opened my eyes and not just based my decision on $$$.

Now I have to pay another 1600.00 for something that works. And I have been calling round and the word is the harness are made by citywiring.com in India not the USA. Major Lie.

I lost a job a while back to outsourcing and feel this is very underhanded, if its true you need to tell your customers you are using non-UL approved wire.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Location: Toms River, New Jersey

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This is 100% not true. All PSI harness are Made in the USA, and have ALWAYS been made in the USA.

Harnesses are professionally constructed from Brand New GM Delphi Connectors and TXL (Polyethylene Cross Linked) High Temperature Wire to GM Specifications.

All harnesses are 100% Quality Inspected prior to shipping.

All Harness include a 12 month / Unlimited Mile Warranty.

This website is a scam, don't believe what you read on here. They slander businesses and then extort them to "fix" it and remove these false reports.

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I agree I'm using it now been 3years not one problem if you're wires are getting hot you ran something wrong


I bought a harness from these guys and my I have no injector pulse also my throttle body wouldn't respond when I stepped on the fuel pedal and found that wires in the gas pedal connector weren't even in the right position. Now I'm stuck with a truck that won't turn on. $800 down the drain

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I just installed my PSI harness last week, I bought it about 3 years ago it's been in the bag un opened... yesterday I had a buddy over to flash the computer so I could start it and it's not starting.

I pulled one of the plugs and there is no fuel on the sparkplug after about 45 mins of trying to get the thing started....

after looking over the psi wire harness at a few of the plugs it looks like someone was trying to probe the wires because there are a few wires that are pierced right before they go into the plug on a few of the plugs. I have a feeling this is going to be a nightmare


Yes I agree bought a harness from them and one of the wires was in the wrong pin out hole cost me thousands of dollars and time, when i finally got it figured out they would not stand behind there mistake or product. So I will not do business with them again.


This person is not telling any truth. I've been using PsI harnesses since their beginning...

Tell us, where do you get non-ul listed wire? Since when does anyone get hot wires on a harness, Thats draped over a hot running engine?! Clearly, this is a spoof- did blog.. So what if he works from his house..

So did Thomas Edison dumbazz.. And now the entire world has electricity and things that need electricity.


Your *** skippy they are made in the U.S.A; because I build them and we have never heard of there ever being a problem. You obviously didn't hook it up right or you had the wrong harness.


i had them program my ecm and it was wrong so i called them and sent it back to them and they havent sent me it back they have had it for 2 months now and they wont return and phone calls or emails about it


None of these commentators are real customers. These aren't even the names of real people.

Psi harnesses are made in the USA. Outsourcing of wiring would never go to India, Mexico maybe but not India.

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I’m changing out a PSI harness that I installed 5 years ago, from the start I had issues, cam position sensor was pinned wrong, a couple of years latter while trying to find why I was experiencing a sudden shut down we also found that the MAF was also pinned wrong and I was running speed density only. So today I started ripping out their harnness to install someone else’s.


Psi conversion ls1 harness is super cheap and very short its like a knock off design that didn't fit very well, the harness covers are the cheap stuff and its really flimsy. Now I had no idea city wiring in India, is the manufacturer for psi conversion,it makes sense why the wire is really sub par.

I had to fix several connectors and the wire was already corroding inside.

I hope the new owner of that car is having good luck, I warned him that the harness was very questionable . Advice only buy from an American builder who has wire quality standards.l


Not good, what i got frum them was very cheap, i had to redoit myself, i went to a junk yard and cut the trans hanrws and rewired it with the factory harness, they wont take returns.

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I had one of Psi conversion first batches of Ls harness very cheap wire, I also bought another recently and this problem still exists my throttle wont move either had to repin and 3 of the connectors was different on my engine vs a traditional ls3. For my next build Im goin with a real wiring company.


Its an OK harness but don't try and add anything to it its only designed to run the engine, I had issues with the trans wiring cost me 1200.00 worth of trans shop time to fix, my advice spend more than 500.00 on a wiring system by a company that's not on ebay, psi wont be around by this time next year at this rate, besides not telling people the psi LS1 harness is made in India is a dirt ball move.


Very cheap bought mine LS1 harness 2 years ago, there really quick to call and sell you more stuff, wire is really cheap and I just found out they dont even make them in NJ, psi conversion has them made in India, but I only paid 500.00 bucks cant expect too much.

Most of the connectors will work and don't be surprised if the loom covering looks cheap. They spend more time on LS1 tech than on there work, now I see how, made in india hua, very big lie.


Yea they are pretty shady, I ordered an LS2 wire harness and all the wiring popped off the engine while it was running, I took it apart and had to rewire all the injectors. They got money from somewhere, maybe from scamming customers.

I think that dude that owns it was part of that wire harness scam in new york 5 years ago. really rude on the tech help, told me to call later.

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