Really unfortunate I had a great visit with a PT person and as a new patient was looking forward to treatment . I even was helpful and photocopied my referral and all my records from another state.

The office manager / part owner wife Marie Olsen was rude and unprofessional. She was FRANTIC and aggressive I had 3 forms of government issued ID, and she refused and insisted on a Triwest ID., she started claiming she was going to send in as a cash payment- and cancelled the month of appointments. Treating myself and my insurance as if we were criminals ; the United Stated Military / VA usually are not criminals, thank you very much , there is no such thing. I kept repeating myself I have my drivers license and my military ID and Insurance referrals My insurance even called her immediately and was appalled by her lack of knowledge- she was so upset at her own behavior she called over her husband by snapping her fingers in air- to step in because she was being difficult.

John Olsen and his comment and aggressive demeanor was unessary and a lie I was a new patient he said every time I come in -!? I'm I'm a new patient, sir. So unprofessional. Actually, I was afraid and feeling ashamed for them, I was sitting In A chair with a back brace on and a cane.

He stood above me. I was afraid he was going to assault me.

My phone mistakenly was on and taped the entire show.

So to Steve ;sorry you are loosing a patient, and I'm sure a string of others when they hear about this treatment towards me for no reason. I should have had an apologizing person not a threat, not to mention it is a federal offense to copy a military I'd.

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else where they have Integrity.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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