Beware of this "contractor." His workman is subpar. He hasn't had his license for long.

We found out the hard way. We hired him to paint a room, repair the kitchen ceiling, texture/paint, fix a kitchen window frame in a house and remodel a shower in an apartment. Nothing overly complicated. Extensively do your research and ask for multiple references and save yourself a ton of aggravation, money, time, property damage, and potential insurance claims.

First, he wanted his money before all the work was completed and willing to take installments.

He comes off friendly and helpful, but don't allow him to take advantage of you as we were. We discovered he is slow and had multiple jobs going simultaneously. He never finished any of the work on time. His communication is terrible and oftentimes he arrives late or not at all and doesn't communicate in a timely manner or gives you status updates when it'll be finished.

You become the project mgr. when you hire this guy. He doesn't give any information unless you ask specific questions. We trusted him to do the work properly and quickly, however his estimates were always weeks and months off schedule because he never focused on finishing our work and instead kept starting and accepting new work.

The caulking around the kitchen window frame is sloppy and there are huge gaps and he hasn't finished the caulking around the window to this date when he said he would.

The window sill is short and has a half-inch gap on one side and the caulking is sloppy. After he painted the ceiling and hired someone else to texture the ceiling, we found overspray paint everywhere in the kitchen (the counters, cabinets, and appliances) even after 6 months, we're still finding overspray in the kitchen. He's not conscientious in keeping the area clean and protected. He was so nonchalant about the overspray and never cleaned it up.

We were using our fingernails and a razor's edge to remove it all.

When he painted the room, which has white carpet, he managed to damage it with paint droppings everywhere on the carpet. Then he tried to cover it up and tried to remove it with mineral spirits, which made it worse and destroyed the carpet fibers. When I confronted him about it, he made countless excuses and tried not to be responsible for the damage and didn't apologize, he barely admitted it was his fault. He never admits fault to sloppy or poor workmanship, just makes constant excuses and puts off finishing work at least with us.

It took me weeks to clean up all the sloppy paint job around the window and door frames and all the baseboard trims. It's been 6 months trying to resolve the carpet issue with his insurance, then he's trying to lowball on the repair costs hoping we don't go through his insurance saying it'll take longer to payout. His behavior is really shady.

The shower remodel was another disaster in the making and a bad decision on our part. We want to support local small business contractors and in return, we got super low-quality workmanship and he wasn't licensed in OR, which he failed to disclose and we didn't do our due diligence to verify.

The caulking was sloppy, messy and ugly. There were huge gaps between all the shower panel joints. It wasn't a waterproof seal. If I didn't inspect his work, the entire shower would be leaking and causing rot and floor damage.

The custom cubby storage he made was unfinished, unpainted and damaged the corners and damaged the baseboards with water. It was an ugly mess. I had to hire another contractor to clean up his poor workmanship and recaulk the entire shower panel joints to make it waterproof.

It was a struggle working with this guy because he always put our work on the back burner and delayed finishing the work months behind schedule. We can only be so patient and flexible.

He is not customer service oriented. His quality of work is poor and slow based on our experiences.

I do not recommend him. Hire at your own risk.

User's recommendation: get more than 3 references to verify quality of work prior to committing.

Location: Vancouver, Washington

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