Not only did I get a FRESH response from a customer support rep named Scarlett who threatened me to reverse her approval of my return, it is with some STEEP costs. First of all the site is misleading.

The lashes look fake, and they were hard to put on. Second, I posted a one star review and guess what? It was NOT posted on their site so you know all the reviews are controlled by the company. My eyes got very red, I had a reaction of some time and they STILL won't take them back without huge return and shipping fees.

Rep refused to get me in touch with a manager. Site is unfair and deceptive. Another lash company called Silly

George was so nice and accommodating.

These people are completely arrogant and site is FAKE. Such a disappointment.

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere, this company is a scam and the rep is arrogant, they do not stand behind their product.

Location: Jupiter, Florida

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Fake ratings, a total scam


Fake ratings, a total scam

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