RVP in Primerica is a license to steal!

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My wife and I worked in Primerica for 2 years, earned our Green Jacket (Top 150 reps in the company below Regional Vice President) and made it to Regional Manager (1 Step below RVP) only to have my RVP steal my entire team from us and force us out of the business. I always knew Primerica Financial Services (PFS) was a multi-level marketing company but that never bothered at the time. People in the company will pretend to care about you and be your friend but believe me, they don't and they aren’t. They only care about how much money you can make them. If you believe otherwise then you're just as much of a sucker as I was. It's only a matter of time before you realize this yourself and you'll quit.

If you currently work in Primerica, you don't believe anything I'm telling you right now, I understand that. They had me brainwashed too. But right now, you're better off quitting and doing something else. If you want to start a business, that's fine. Do it the right way, get a real job or career, save some money and start a REAL business. Don’t start some multi-level *** that will never work. I'm sure your upline manager has already been in your head. I used to do it to other people. I brainwashed people so that they wouldn't quit and would only listen to me. I've been farther in Primerica than most people you know. I have all the licenses and won all the company trips and did everything they said would work only to have it taken from me. And you know what? The company gives their RVP's 100% control of the office and when my team (25 people actively showing up) was taken from me, the company stood by their RVP and did nothing. I never thought he would do it to me just like you might think your RVP would never do that to you, but it happened. Do your family a favor and GET OUT while you can. I won’t say his name but I guarantee if you’ve been in PFS long enough, you've heard of him. He was on the cover of FYI magazine. (A Primerica magazine featuring the young and successful in the company)

After I left PFS it took me a year to pick up the pieces and get my career back to where it was. PFS ruined personal relationships I had with people I was close to. We were taught if people wouldn't sit down with us and listened to what we were selling then we shouldn't talk to them anymore. I taught others to do that as well. I severed numerous relationships. My RVP wanted me to buy hookers with him when we were in Mexico for his bachelor party. I'm a married man, that's not happening, even if I wasn't married. When we got back from Mexico my RVP was so afraid I was going to tell his fiancé about how many hookers he bought he started to sabotage my business. He started stealing people off my team and putting them under him and turned other people in the office against me. He was stealing overrides from me so I would quit. He had many ways he used to do it. In the end he stole $2000 worth of overrides from me when I was at my father’s bedside after he had triple bypass surgery. At that time my family really needed that money because I was taking time away from the business to take care of my father and his business affairs. My RVP also figured out ways to manipulate the system to win trips that he didn't deserve. That's how he got into FYI magazine. The guy was a total crook. I told Primerica’s home office and even his upline who are National Sales Director's. They all treated my wife and I like outcasts. They all protect their RVP's and that's that. That's one of the main flaws of the system. Your RVP can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. And if you go and complain, they just spin it back around on you and say that you're a negative person and you don't want to work. If you have worked there as long as I have you get to see how it works. It's all about manipulating people to believe whatever you want them to believe.

Listen; if you have a family, you need to GET OUT. Look at what people make below RVP. You can see what almost everyone makes in the company if you’re a member on the company’s website. It only shows the top 25 income earners but not the 1000's of others who make nothing unless you know how to look for it. Yeah, once in a while someone has a good month but then that's it. It's feast and famine. Even IF you make it to RVP, there's still no guarantee you'll make money. Once you qualify for RVP you have to give your entire team away to your upline and start all over again. You know how many RVP's the company has that make next to nothing or quit? Tons. The company doesn't talk about those people though. The odds of becoming successful in any MLM are slim to none. They sell you on this pipe dream that never comes to fruition. When you're on the inside, they keep pumping your head with all this fluff so you won't get discouraged because they know if you quit they won't make as much money. They're employing you for free!!! Don't you get it? You don't own ANYTHING until you've been an RVP that has other RVP's for at least 5 years. Otherwise it has no value. Listen, do what you want but just think about your family first! Contrary to what your RVP will tell you, the only person that has your best interests in mind is YOU! NOT THEM, YOU! So when they give you this BS about how they're looking out for you, don’t listen! You may work for Primerica now and you may not have wanted to hear what I just told you. But just remember what you just read the day you finally decide to quit. That day is inevitable and then you’ll know I was right. Good luck to you!

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94 of 253 Primerica reviews

Feb 06 #1282016 Los Angeles, California, United States

A company in the NYSE with the most 100k six figure income and most millionaires is not a scam u broke mother *** ur all *** haters

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Dec 13, 2016 #1255130 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

MLM is not a scam, I know people who are in mlm for 10, 20,25 years and they are making good money and investing that money. I believe that when people don't know how to manage their money and just Spent as it comes, because they think it's just going to keep coming. Then it's their own fault no one else. Plus I have a friend at primerica who has been with the company 20 years and makes good money as a RVP

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Dec 10, 2016 #1253310

You never understood the business. Every RVP when they get Promoted gives up a replacement leg their best one. If you only had 25 showing up you should've stayed a regional manager. You clearly do not understand the proven system Mike Sharpe made millions teaching. It's all about building RVP'S leaving and taking good replacements to buold even more RVP's all I have to do is ask how many 10k legs built did you have direct to you? If you've got 3-5 and one is give up your best leg to your RVP as a gift for your RVP promotion you should still have a 30k or 40k base shop built. And guess what when you build your first direct RVP he gives up his best leg and so on and so forth. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Dec 05, 2016 #1250204 Richmond, California, United States

Wow I feel so sorry for you dude.. So I'm a little confused, did you work for Primerica? Or with Primerica? Did you have to pay for your own Licenses?

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Nov 14, 2016 #1240400 Englishtown, New Jersey, United States

Seriously, You where with the company for 2 year and never read the promotion guidelines once? They are on one page and in big print. Promotion exchange is discussed at nearly every major event. It is also not mandatory.

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Oct 21, 2016 #1229903 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Who were you under?!?!? I'm in primerica and my dad and I are in our own office. It is appalling to hear of what happened to you. But I'm just curious as to who you were under? Cause that's total BS

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Oct 01, 2016 #1221350 Woodhaven, New York, United States

Thank you for sharing. Is there a way to find out how much on average people at each level makes?

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Sep 29, 2016 #1220093

Hello, since you were an RVP, how much on average an RVP earns per month?

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Sep 25, 2016 #1218257 State College, Pennsylvania, United States

Wow. Your RVP needed reported to FINRA!!! If you had read your securities manual closely, buyng hookers on trips, and then writing off the business trip would normally land you in jail!! Didn't you see Wolf of Wall Street??? I'm sorry you had such an awful time of it. I would have gone further than uplifted about the problem. No one here wanted to believe Jerry Sandusky was a creep either.....but guess what there's a bad one most everywhere..look at all the good they've done for people and all the successful people there are...I woild have moved RVPs after that incident. You might still have your team. So sad.
One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch.

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Jan 30 #1278453 Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada

This person could have done more. I'm currently with a bad rvp, it's hard to move teams because my rvp is willing to black list my name to other people and teams, will not train unless getting what they want (power builder), steals referrals from the team, and will pull licenses if not following their rules. However I'm doing it on my own with primerica ethical guideline rules and gaining credibility. I will eventually bring his behavior to pfs cause right now their upline doesn't believe us (team) because they can't see it. They only see the numbers. There are ways to get rid of a bad rvp.

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Aug 24, 2016 #1203125

quitters quit and blame everyone else...that's what they do.

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Aug 11, 2016 #1197930 Sacramento, California, United States

This is sad. You had a bad experience with a bad individual and you place it on the entire company. I have empirical evidence in our up line RVP's that this isn't happening. I'm not saying your experience didn't happen, but that is on your RVP who probably set you up himself to come put on top.

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May 02, 2016 #1152807

I'm sorry that you had such a horrific experience. Most of what you said seems to be a character flaw with your RVP. In any organisation there will be people like that. I'm not clear how your RVP got all of your team if you were not promoted to RVP. I do think that RVPs who take a downline entire team are greedy and selfish. Glad to know that you've made a recovery and I wish you great success

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Jul 22, 2016 #1188263 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Hi! How is someone able to take another's downline? How is that possible? I just want to know so that I can protect myself, thanks!

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Sep 19, 2016 #1215098 Hesperia, California, United States

Bluntly, you can't. It is part of the contract you will sign to become an RVP. If you take an RVP contract your RVP gets what is called a replacement. That replacement will be whatever your RVP decides it is. In my experience, that is your entire down line...that is the price of Primerica...or at least one of the prices as there are a great deal more.

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Mar 25, 2016 #1133683

I like how the Primerica supporters come out in droves to defend the company. I worked there for a couple years before moving on to a larger global financial services firm ($100b in annual revenue) and now now a PM at a Wall Street firm with $1.5t in assets. I can tell you Primerica is good for one thing: selling insurance. People need insurance and Primerica does a great job and I am proud to have helped get people without insurance covered. But the products are far more expensive than almost every other insurance company. Not to mention Primerica sells increasing premium term and level premium policies that automatically convert to ART policies after 5-10 years (without telling the client) which is borderline fraud. And the supposed "amazing education" is misleading at worst and primitive at best. Anyone with a real education will tell you there's flaws in the numbers. But like I said, I applaud Primerica for spreading insurance policies to the uninsured. I just hope those people switch to a different policy to save hundreds of dollars a year. If you want to start a financial services career I'd look elsewhere. You can make more at almost every other firm and you will actually help people by managing their assets and planning their retirement. The Primerica jokers just know how to sell you expensive mutual funds and term policies. Both of which, in most instances, make you worse off.

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Jun 29, 2016 #1179149 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Do you have the opportunity own that $100b company? The Answer is NO. You are one life insurance sell man, if you think Primerica only sell life insurance. Negative people like you should be isolated in an island on your own.

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Sep 19, 2016 #1215104 Hesperia, California, United States

And you have the opportunity to own what, exactly? Because you certainly can't keep your clients if you leave Primerica, you can't sell "your business" to somebody not in Primerica, and when you become an RVP your RVP can take whatever they want...so please enlighten everyone as to this ownership you are talking about.

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